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  • pack frame for moose packing

    Hi all, I got a couple jobs this year packing for two different outfitters, one for spring brown bear on kodiak and the other for sheep and moose outside denali np. I've been advised that I should get a Barney's pack frame since its one of the few that can effectively handle a moose quarter. I called Barney's and they are asking $529 for the settup and I haven't found any for sale used. I'm just wondering if there are any alternatives to Barney's pack frame out there. Thanks


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    go Barney's

    There's been a lot of discussion on this in the past here, but assuming it was the guide you'll be working for who suggested the Barney's pack, you should bite the bullet and get the best that's made. One of their frames and the pinnacle bag is what you need.
    I've been using the Barney's system for 20 years now for packing meat and a lot of other stuff and have never found anything better.
    FWIW, you can do a layaway thing at Barney's. They'll work with you.
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      For the day in day out packer, you won't beat the Barney's setup.

      Also keep in mind any gear you buy that is needed for you to do your job IS a tax write-off at the end of the year.
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        One option to the frame and belt/strap system....NO bag. And put your tools in a daypack and bungee it to the frame. Also have the guide buy it for you as he gets a discount.....Welcome to HE11. I started as a packer in the early 70's. I have no idea how old you are, but many young men quest for a right of passage into manhood. One season of packing in Alaska and one is clear of his status as a man...Take a camera.....Good luck.
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          What these guys are saying should be listened to.For what your're going to be doing the Barney's pack can't be beat.

          I don't have many posts here but have hauled alot of meat,brownie hides and gear in my pinnacle pack!


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            Army Stretcher

            2 packers 1 army stretcher, Extend 1 set of handles longer with a peice of PVC slid over the handles and drilled and pinned, this allows the packer in the back to see the ground he/she is walking over and the PVC acts like a shock absober, next tie 2 pieces of rope to the bottem of the frame and slide the handles in. This leaves hands free for walking stick your vavorite beverage or your weapon should you want to fill the stretcher again. Pack what you can you'll figure out the max load. Or go to safeway and buy hamburger,


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              Have you looked at these...



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                HopeAK is 100% right on. When I packed for an outfitter, I had a Camp Trails frame pack that I used cause I didnt want to spend the $$ on a barneys pack. It sucked, EVERYONE else had a barney pack. As soon as I got back I bought a barney frame and straps (no bag). I still use it to this day, 10 years later, with the Camp trails bag attached. Its paid for itself and is still as good as it was in 1998.

                Can you buy the shoulder/waist straps only? Seems like the frame isnt anything special, its the padding in the straps that make it so great....
                my .02....


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                  there is also alaska range packs, they sell just the frame and harness and seem pretty **** comfy with a heavy load to me, i think they have them at nomar in homer


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                    Last year Barney's had a sale during the show. I think it was 10% off. That would save you about $50.


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                      Check out the Mystery Ranch nice frame with a load sling. Developed for the military but also works great for large chunks of moose meat! Once you strap one of these on, you will never go back to a external frame. $250.00 for the frame and $65.00 for the load sling. These things have been used to haul wounded soldiers off the battle field. They are made in Bozeman,MT.


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