Winter tent advice needed.



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  • Winter tent advice needed.

    In the market for a winter tent that can be used with a stove. Arctic Oven style, with a liner and wind-resistant shape,but I can't afford one.
    A few years ago in a November deer hunt, we used a military surplus 5-man hex tent with liner and stove, it worked pretty good, even though it was heavy. I believe they are called the M-1950 Arctic Tent or something.
    This would be for motorized expeditions only, for example winter moose hunts in 20A, family road based camping trips, etc.

    Are there other options I have not thought of yet?

    I see lots of wall tents with stoves at Cabela's, etc. but they don't have liners.

    The Kifaru tipi has a liner but I can't afford that either.

    If someone knows a source for the M-1950 tent, or something substantially similar, I'd appreciate it.

    I checked on Ebay and they are available in America for $200-$600 depending on condition.

    Ideas, all you winter expedition types?

    Thanks, HH

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    Weight versus cost...

    I've been reading tent threads lately for my own research, but sounds to me like you have the bases covered with wall tents, Kifarus and Arctic Ovens.

    High satisfaction among Kifaru and AO owners, Ti Goat owners too.
    Titanium Goat makes a tipi style with stove. Below are some good threads on the subject (expedition tents/stoves) in general, beginning with the "If money were no object-Large Tents" thread. Some people find ways to make a Portable Buddy heater work, but doesn't sound ideal for an extended application like you have in mind.

    Good luck.
    No habitat, no hunter.


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      That is certainly a challenge to find a great tent at an affordable price tag! I would steer clear of the Cabelas tents like the Alaknak. It is a fantastic fall camp tent or a family fishing tent but it is no winter tent! This is one of those areas that I plan on biting the bullet and buying the best one I can swing. The mil tents are nice but lately they seem to pull as much or more than the non mil! You can check they may have some you can jump on but you will likely get killed in shipping!


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        Here are a couple options to consider:
        a. Save till you can afford the Arctic Oven
        b. Split the costs of an Arctic Oven with your hunting buddies
        c. Constantly read Craigs List, Ebay, or other classifieds looking for a nice used wall tent with a liner.
        d. Buy a wall tent from Cabelas and have Alaska Tent and Tarp add a liner to it.

        A good tent will make or beak your hunting trip. Make sure you have what you want or you will be miserable.


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          Originally posted by HarryHyde View Post
          If someone knows a source for the M-1950 tent, or something substantially similar, I'd appreciate it.
          Here ya are:


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