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Finally setup the tent!!!

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  • Finally setup the tent!!!

    Well it took nearly 48 hours, but I now have setup the tent. Right away I found the weakness of a non-freestanding tent as my site location way my freshly plowed gravel drive. Frozen and minimal snow on top made it somewhat harder, but I just wanted to see if it was possible anyways. Used the minimum 4 stakes to set it up and am VERY impressed with this thing.

    The vestibule is enormous and the living space is only slightly smaller and less headroom than my Big Agnes Emerald Mountain SL3 (for sale in the swap & sell btw...shameless plug I know). Anyways, I can see that vestibule will be mighty handy if I got fogged in for a couple days on Kodiak while goat hunting. I was hesitant about getting a non freestanding tent, but am now full comfortable with the idea as I was still able to set this thing up on frozen gravel.

    I was also confused/skeptical on how the heck the interior of the tent is erected at the same as the fly, but for me its just one of those things you have to see to understand. (Visual learning I guess..HAHA) Anyways, that is another nice feature about this tent.

    Will be taking this out on a 22 mile snowshoeing trip with the wife up to Bomber glacier later next week for a real test. Anyway no where near the quality of the pics of this tent but here are a few I took after setting it up.

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    Right on! You are going like that tent.
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      My only advice comes from my own experience. Just because you unzip the inner vent doesn't mean the tent is vented. Don't forget the outer vent. You'll learn to adjust how much to vent depending on the conditions. Or so it went in my Jannu.


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        Which tent is that and what are the spec's? Especially the weight!!


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          Its the Nallo GT 3.

          For more specs and pics about the tent click here

          I weighed it in the bag with instructions and what not came to 105 ounces or 6 pounds 9 ounces with everything included. The packed weight listed on of 6.2 pounds I imagine is pretty accurate after I get rid of the unneed stuff.


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            Nice tent, seems I have seen one of those before!...grin

            The two things about that tent that I absolutley love are the size of the vestibule and the ease to pitch and take down. I wish I had a pick of Snyd and mines junk strewn throughout that vestibule, its awesome! You can literally pitch that thing in less than 90 seconds....been there done it, with the rain a coming!


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              Awesome! I can't wait to get mine.


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                I have to agree with the ease of setup. I just set up my Nallo 4 Gt today for the first time. I think I did it in about 90 seconds after I figured out the idea. I thought dome tents were easy, but this tunnel tent thing is incredible. I really like the fact you don't have to fight the poles. Slide in from one side an the other side is capped. No running around the tent to make sure it goes on the peg. I am very impressed with the tent and quality.


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                  I agree that for guys that are moving camp pretty regularly, these tunnel tents are awesome. Even if the wind is wailing, all you have to do is stake down one end into the wind (2 stakes), pull the other end taught and stake it down (2 stakes). Slide the poles in and jump in, it can be done by one guy in less than 90 seconds with a little practise. The only handicap of the tunnels is you kind of need to put the foot or head of the tent into the wind if you are looking at some really high winds, I can live with that for the room and weight the Nallo affords!


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                    Just wait till you get it up in the mountains a anchor it in with all the stakes and guys! I haven't really put it in a situation to find it's limits but the mountain gusts we have been in so far are not enough to even begin to notice. When you get out you are surprised to find out that it is windy! Definately a good thing but man it sux to find out it is cold AND windy when you sneak out for a 2am call o nature in your nickers!


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                      Wow... this is really an impressive tent.
                      Thank you so much for taking the time to post the pictures and share you experience. I think that I am going to have to share this with the husband. We just invested in a tent last year, but this one... it would be really nice to have.


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                        the only thing to make sure

                        The only thing I would suggest you try & do is keep the zippers clean every now & then. We've had a Nammatj GT for 6 yrs or so & pretty much used it year round. However its gettting to the point where the one zipper on the door sticks & is hard to open & shut at the end from getting to much sand in the teeth & never cleaning them.
                        Have used from Seward to Deadhorse & every where in between & never had any issues other than the recent zipper. No tears in the floor & never used a foot print. Do have a tear in the mesh where the dog decided she wanted in or out when we weren't close by & she managed to catch it with a couple claws, but it we made a makeshift patch with seam seal. Doesn't look pretty but it still keeps the bugs out so thats all that matters.

                        BTW, I had to get a pair of those Minox on sale so you will have to send a photo of your covers when you have a minute


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                          Thanks for the heads up on the zippers. A toothbrush or something a couple times a year to the zippers ought to keep them in working order I would imagine. Anyways, I'll have my wife take a couple pics of her Minox binocs today and hopeful be able to post the pics with the scope covers on the objective lenses.

                          Thanks agian


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                            Very NICE! I have been looking at one of those. I just wish they were a little lighter. I know they aren't bad, but jeesh........... I can't seem to get my pack light enough!


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                              use your partner

                              If you happen to be out with a partner, let them carry the poles/spikes & you just take the tent bag. That seems to make it lighter & then you have won the battle & shaved the weight. ( Somewhat psychological I think) but sure feels lighter


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