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  • New sole on old boots

    I have a pair of Meindel Canadian Hunters that I like a lot. However, I've been thinking about having the old soles replaced with air bob soles. Have any of you had hunting boots re-soled? Did you regret it? My first concern is with losing the water proofness.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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    ive only had military boots resoled. they just slice about from the middle of the sole down. it shouldnt have anything to do with waterproofness. im not sure how those are made tho. my meindl ak's i think are a 2 part sole. like the main part then the half inch or whatever tread part. i havent had any problems with having them resoled.


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      while i have never had boots resoled, i have never heard of any issues with waterproofing deteriorating. heard good things about the air bob soles though.


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        Made a phone call

        to Boot Country here in Anchorage and they said there should be no problem replacing the sole. The cost should be between $65 - $75. The time needed will range from about a week if they have the sole in stock or up to 2 or 3 weeks if they have to order it.


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