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  • Best Rifle carry method with pack

    I have a Barney's pack and was wondering if the rifle carry attachment is worth getting. I normally like to carry my rifle in hands, but I have found that terrain can be limiting at times. Any suggestions on whether this is the best option, or if I should look at some other product that works to attach the rifle to the pack.

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    I found the sleeve on the side plenty easy but kind of a pain to get back out in a hurry. It also sux to try and sit down with since it extends below the bottom of the pack, that same flaw is a blessing in the alder though becuae it doesn't stick way up in the air either. There are some here that have rigged up some sort of a hook that they hang there rifle on. Still others use the Kifaru Gunbearer. I am on the fence on the Kifaru though I may give it a shot, they arent super expensive and I might like it. Lots of options.


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      I absolutely love my kifaru Gun bearer. i have 0 complaints with it. its definitely worth a try. its cheap too.


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        Pack option

        I seem to remember that it just came with my pack. I didn't have to pay extra for it. In fact, I got two. One for the rifle on the side and one for a bow on the back.

        I think this is great for keeping the rifle secure and not losing it or worrying about it. I found that in sheep country or areas where you have a lot of visibility it is great. For going through thick brush or trees, it is better to have it handy.

        For sitting down, I try and find a rock that I can sit on so that the stock of the gun will still dangle but my butt and pack are supported. If I can't find something like that I will just take the pack off and lay it down so the gun isn't on the ground. I try and baby that gun the entire hunt so I don't have to worry about the scope getting knocked around and getting out of alignment.

        I started thinking last year about a few modifications to my Barney's pack or a better way to carry my rifle in brush so I could have my hands relatively free to hang onto things but still have the gun ready in case I need it in a hurry.

        If I can get to tweaking my pack, I'll post it to the forums and probably bring it down to Bob to see what he thinks.



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          I use the gunslinger by corral, works great with my pack with either a side or front carry. Ready in an instant if you need it and leaves both hands free to use poles, ice axe, hold on, ect......Can be used with or with out the pack. Check out the video on their site.

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            Kifaru Gun Bearer

            I agree with Browning guy, can't go wrong with the gun bearer! Kifaru is great to deal with.


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              On a typical frame pack you remove to top hoop. Nobody I know has ever figured out what it's there for and with the hoop on the pack won't fit into a Supercub anyway. Once the hoop is gone you have a post to hang your sling on. Make a bumper and attach a bungee or velcro strap to hold the rifle stock.

              Me? I use the rifle sleeve that's built into my Barney's pack for covering ground and I shoulder or carry the gun when I'm hunting. The sleeve encloses and protects the gun and scope from brush, rocks, etc. I use the post when I get tired of holding it.


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                Safari sling

                I use a safari sling by Uncle Mikes, which I think is nearly identical to the gunslinger by corral, used by stid2677, above.

                It allows my rifle to be directly in front of me, keeping my hands free to use my optics or carry tripod.
                There have been times when I considered other rifle carry systems, but I have not considered it when I start thinking about the instant availability of my weapon.

                One unexpected advantage is that this sling, which keepsmy rifle in front of me, counterbalances my overloaded backpack. Well, that is what I tell meself.

                Some of us like this style sling/carry system, some absolutely do not.

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                  Originally posted by AlaskaTrueAdventure View Post
                  I use a safari sling by Uncle Mikes, which I think is nearly identical to the gunslinger by corral, used by stid2677, above.

                  I've got a safari sling too but it doesn't seem like it would work too well while wearing a frame pack...the weight of the gun seems to end up on your neck. Do you have a trick to making it ride better?


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                    Safari slings...

           trick to making the Safari Sling work (for me or you).
                    Nobody swears there are the greatest...
                    Some hiker-hunters strongly dislike 'em...
                    A few of us really like 'em.

                    But no secret tricks, really. We all be the same, but we each be different.

                    As a guide, my only concern is that my rifle muzzle can cross a client-hunter on my left side, so always keep your rifle magazine full, but with the chamber empty. That sounds basic and elementary, but you would be surprised how many guys think they need one loaded in the chamber. However, it takes about 1/4 of a second to work the bolt in a hostile encounter with that one-in-a-million big bad rouge bear.

                    The safari sling works for me, with what I do.

                    AK TAGS
                    Imagine (It's easy if you try)
                    …miles and miles of mountains…wide expanses of tundra...remote wild waters…
                    (Whisper words of wisdom) Let It Be


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                      YEEEOW! You've been Misinformed...

                      The best pack is one that suits your needs. Keep it simple with comfort in mind. You could be in it for weeks at a time. When it comes to harnessing a firearm with a pack, don't be fooled into buying a pack with its bells and whistles. A hunter has specific requirements that are based on comfort, utility & environmental durability.

                      If you are using a safari sling due to the benefit of hands free, it is not really hands free and you will loose your ability to use the sling as a shooting aid (see hasty sling shooting method)-a rifle necklace.

                      If you don't need your gun, stow it. If you think you may need your firearm, it should be in your hands, free of strappage.

                      As far as harnessing a rifle or shotgun, the Gunslinger Corral is it.

                      Hunters have nothing bad to say about the gunslinger rifle holster solutions. Even those hunters who have not really figured out how to use it properly. Even if used poorly, it clearly stands alone when in rugged terrain. With or without a pack.
                      (provides; rear carry without a pack, side carry with small backpack, front carry) Simply mount the holster to your waist strap or mount the holster to the pack itself. Faster gun access than any pack securement system & more comfortable. It costs less than 50 bucks and works with any backpack.

                      You do the research, keywords; gunslinger corral, rifle holster
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                        Anyone in the ANC area have a front carry type???? I would like to see it in-person. I may have missed it but dont see many people using the front carry type along with trek poles????

                        Thanks for the info and pics.


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