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  • Nat Geo software on a macbook

    My Windows based laptop bit the dust finally. I just received my new macbook. I was able to recover everything off my old laptop harddrive. I can not get the Nat Geo 10 disk map set to work on my Mac. Has anyone tried to install Nat Geo 10 disk map set on a Mac? My 10 disks are about 8,000 miles away ( I am deployed), but I did download all 10 disks onto my windows based harddrive and I can see all of the files. I can not get Mac to load the program from the files on my windows harddrive.

    Nat Geo website says it works on mac and windows operating systems.

    I sure could use some help on this one.

    Any suggestions out there??????

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    If you merely copied the data off the windows disks then you probably do not have the MacOS software and installer, windoze would not have been able to see the Mac files on the disk. Your disks are probably "hybrids" meaning that they have both MacOS and windoze installers. If you created iso's "disk images" of the disks you should be able to burn new disks using Disk Utility on the Mac.

    But, you can install windoze on your mac. Use the BootCamp utility in Applications/Utilities. It will walk you through the process. You will need a windoze disk thought. BootCamp partitions your hard drive without touching the MacOS. After you are done installing windoze, you boot into windoze and then insert your MacBook disk. It installs a set of windoze drivers for your MacBook. When the process is complete you can boot into windoze anytime you must. You just hold down the option key at startup and then you get the option to boot into either OS.
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      Are you in Iraq? I have a copy of xp that I can hook you up with. I am all over the country so odds are I will be near you at some point!
      I actually have windows vista 64, xp32, and linux all running on one laptop. I use sun virtual box and can open them up in a seperate window within at any time. I doubt that you could load the same program on your mac but it is neat. I may add OS-X to the mix as well at some point for fun. I have allready found myself trying to make windows act more like linux. Let me know if I can help with your problem.


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        Thanks guys

        I did make a copy of all 10 disks onto my old hard drive. I then installed Nat Geo from the hard drive not the disks. The files have to be on my hard drive. I will dig some more.

        I could just have my wife send me disk 1. The files of maps should still be good. I know they are there. All how many ever Gigs it is.

        I do have Windows XP professional on disk. I can install the second operating system. I prefer not to, but looks like I may anyway.

        The learning curve with a Mac is pretty steep.

        Thanks for the replies guys. I will print this page out and take it back to see what I can do.


        I am deployed to Warhorse with the 1-25 guys. Feel free to PM me if you are here and we will chat for a bit.


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