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  • medium weight water proof gloves

    I am looking for opinions on good medium weight waterproof gloves for any fall hunting activity. This is one piece of gear that I am consistently disappointed with when I am in the field and it it stays wet for multiple days in a row.


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    Honestly, if every activity involves gettin my hands wet, I pull on a pair of the insulated rubber gloves. Check B&J Commercial in Anch, they have a nice selection of fishing gloves but work just as well. Everythin else just gets wet and doesn't dry.

    Atlas is the company I'm thinking of.
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      Gloves for wet weather...

      Agree. Tony Russ also uses "large commercial fishing gloves", which he buys extra large to fit over synthetic liners - which he swaps out to dry. I'm reading Tony Russ's Bear Hunting in Alaska. One reason I appreciate Mr. Russ's books is he explains why he does things the way he does. Including gear.

      Only rubber seems to really seal out water. For steelhead fishing, I've had some luck with neoprene gloves, which offer a little more dexterity/insulation. Two drawbacks though: don't get the flip-open finger tips (which will leak eventually) and watch out for leaks if your sleeve pulls up. In fact, last year I looked at waterfowler's gloves just because they're longer. If you get neoprene, a lining of any kind will make them easier to get off and on - your hands will sometimes be wet and without a lining, the neoprene wants to stick to your hands too much.

      Gloves can be a pain. Several pairs might work better. Breathable (fleece), waterproof (rubber) and maybe tough (leather or nylon) don't often go together. Imagine a pound (or two) of gloves :eek:.
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