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    Wondered if anyone has experience with Ice Breaker merino wool baselayers. Does is have some stretch to it or does it fit loosely and sag over time? Is it basically the same quality as Smartwool or is it better? Does it wick well? Who has the best prices of this stuff? Thanks!

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    have heard good things about the stuff. all those wool/poly blends are pretty expensive. not sure where ice breaker compares with ibex, who also makes some good stuff. i only have wool base layers by patagonia, which is the only base layer i wear, poly or wool. an insulation layer of wool, in my opinion (which others might not agree with), will not dry as well as a poly. but... it sure doesn't smell as much as a poly top. that is the great thing about wool base layers on a long 7-10 day trip (and that is all you wear), the smell is actually bearable.


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      great stuff

      i have 2 models of their baselayer shirts and love them both---heavy,heavy use and ZERO problems---both have zips( a must for me,i sweat heavily even thinking about hiking and hunting) and longer sleeves with thumb loops--i found other brands with zips OR thumb holes,but not both --really great product----oh PS---i bought them at moosejaw----models were---bodyfit260 techtop and rock zip top---pricey,but worth it in my opinion


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