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  • best backpacking tent?

    what is the best backpacking tent i want one for 1-2 people my needs are water proof number 1 small pack size then light pack Weight i have never bought one so if you guys could help me that would be great thanks

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    sorry just seen the thread for small tents


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      This thread is valid. It depends on what you want to do with it. We love out high end tents! BUT if you are not going to be taking high wind above treeline then you can likely get away with a cheaper tent and be every bit as happy with it as I am with my Nallo GT!
      Alaska_Lanche is moving to a Nallo to take on out goat hunt this fall and I have a feeling he will be selling his Big Agnes tent. The Big Agnes tents are a great uper mid-level tent! I have a seedhouse 1 for solo trips and it weighs barely more than a bivi and is quite comfortable. There is alot that goes into the "best"!


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        Top end tents for 1-2; waterproof and then light cost maybe $500-700.

        Under that, say $300-400, I bet there are plenty of tents that might meet your needs. I use a:
        -North Face Tadpole 23, $250, weight 4#, 14 oz, giving 27 sq ft floor space, plus 7 sq ft vestibule. Footprint 87 x 51. (Now discounted at $188 at

        Heavier, roomier, but spendier: MSR Mutha Hubba, $400, weight 6#, 11oz giving 40 sq ft floor space, plus 14 sq fot vestibule. Footprint 84 x 68.

        Some good
        Good luck.
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          I recently purchased the Mountain Hardwear stelitto. Haven't used it yet, but it's the lightest backpacking tent I've found so far at just under 2 1/2 lbs for $350.


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            i just ordered a big agnes copper spur ul1. has good sales goin on right now!


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              If you don't need something that's ultra-bombproof, you might try something by Tarptent:

              I recently bought a Double Rainbow for me and my wife. It's just 2 1/2 lb. The website claims that it's a "3+" season tent, but to be safe I'm adding long guylines to a pair of tabs I found on the center ridgeline.
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