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Iridium satellite crash

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  • Iridium satellite crash

    WOW, Iridium had a little problem today!!
    Doesn't look like it will cause any major issues, long term.

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    Probably a cover story for the Chinese shooting down one of our sats. :rolleyes:

    Seriously though, space junk is becoming a massive problem and this event doesn't help that one bit. Fortunate that it was at a higher altitude where manned flights don't venture, but that also means that the new junk fields will be up there for hundreds of years.

    We're gonna have to figure out a way to start removing space junk pretty soon. Especially with all the other new entries into the "space race" from other countries to private enterprises. I half expect NASA to be budgeting for cinder blocks and blue tarps in the near future.
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      Time for a space maid. Perhaps the vacuum ship on SpaceBalls.
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