Arctic Oven options - performance?



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  • Arctic Oven options - performance?

    Just read a good thread going on AO stoves:
    The AO owners on that thread seem to be getting their tents out and sound pleased with their tents.

    Ak Tent & Tarp offers a vestibule, screen or urethane windows (in door or wall), extra tie outs, heavy poles, a floor saver, and a footprint as extras.

    Some people skip the floor saver (odor, heavy) but when these other options are ordered, do they work well? Are the heavy poles necessary for tundra winds? Do the windows leak, etc? If you paid for any of these options, would you do it again?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I forget the name of the package, but it's the one with the extra tie out points. I would get it for the peace of mind it provides. I've had mine in some tough winds and it's done fine.

    I have the floor saver and floor liner. They are both extremely heavy, but for me this tent is truck or boat based and weight is not a concern. They're heavy duty and it would be almost impossible to damage the floor using them.

    I also have the vestibule. It's nice, in that it gives a lot of storage room for packs, boots, and coolers; however, looking at the design makes it appear as more of an after thought instead of an integrated accessory. The vestibule isn't tied down as well as the tent body and gets blown around a good bit in the wind. The "door" is one of the zippers where it attaches to the tent. I still wouldn't give it up, but it could be better.
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      Four Seasons Extreme...

      package includes extra tie outs and two screen windows - one in the door and one on the back wall.

      Good to know about the vestibule. It looks big though - very useful.
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        Extra tie downs - Yes
        Vestibule - Hated it
        Windows - Don't leak
        Heavier poles - passed as they weigh to much
        Liner/floor saver - passed on it as well. Owned Arctic Oven tents for the last 20 years and never wore out a floor, or even ripped one for that matter. Figured if it ripped I could get a patch sewed in. It is a tent floor, not a custom floor in a home.


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