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  • Website perils - AMH

    Running a small business must be hard enough these days.
    Trying to provide services through a website apparently opens owners up to more risks. This from the AMH website today as I was researching tents:

    Welcome to the Alaska Mountaineering and Hiking website.
    We are a retail shop in Anchorage, Alaska. We specialize in providing high quality gear for all kinds of Alaskan Adventures.
    Our website has recently been the victim of numerous malicious attacks. We have decided to take the website offline while we remedy the problem.
    In the meantime, please give us a call at the shop. We are always happy to help. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Alaska Mountaineering and Hiking
    2633 Spenard Road
    Anchorage, Alaska 99503
    (907) 272-1811
    No habitat, no hunter.

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    It sounds as if someone hacked their server and did some damage. Sad to see for sure. Did they have an online retail solution? That can create some real problems if it is not properly protected! It is amazing how little some of these sites do to secure their information. It is quite surprising how frequently retail sites, especially small operators will not change OEM passwords. I can't believe that people would have their admin password be ADMIN! You just gave away the keys to your kingdom!

    FYI if you have a linksys WiFi router in your home and you left your password as linksys then you have probably allready been compromised!


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