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  • Barneys external pack frame

    A few sheep hunters I know have taken a pack frame, stripped off the conventional bag (usually pretty heavy), and simply use 1 big, really lightweight, dry bag to reduce overall pack weight. While it's not as convenitent as having all the normal pockets and pouches they claim to have reduced there packweight by a few lbs.

    I weighed my empty Dana Designs Longbed and it weighed 9 lbs - yikes!

    So, I guess my question is does anyone know how much a barneys frame (no bag) weighs or costs? I would check their website, but.....

    Do any of you sheep hunters discard the conventional bag and use one of these lightweight dry bags - thoughts???

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    notes on Barneys packs....

    Barneys packs are on the heavy side because....those super great shoulder straps and waist belt are heavy. Super comfortable, but a pound (?) more heavy than normal.

    I still prefer the heavy duty pack sack because it will survive crashing through the alder brush and the sliding down or rolling down the mountain while completely overloaded with dead stuff inside it. It will not rip apart with a 140 pound moose hind quater in it. Again the pack fabric may weigh a little more, but it can withstand what I call heavy use, what others might call abuse.

    And/ Bob. He has heard of everything, all different uses of his gear.

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      use barney's


      You'll probably get a lot more replies after this one, but don't bother reading the rest of them.

      Barney's frame and kevlar pinnacle bag. Buy one. Frame IIRC is about 4 1/2 pounds, with the bag about 8.

      Taking the frame with a dry bag doesn't make any sense compared to a bag that attached to the frame with pins.

      Disclaimer: Been using a Barney's pack since 1991 while guiding. I still have the original I bought in '91 and the one I bought in 1999. They both work great.
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        For what it is worth...I bought a Barney's frame years ago. I took the bag from a Cabela's Alaska Guide Model (III I think) and put it on this frame. Tough as nails, has its own rain fly, I have hauled up to 120# of meat in it. Never a failure with the bag nor the frame. Works for me and I have use the snot out of both
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          I bought barney's frame in 2000 right before a hunt (after breaking the original frame while training) threw my Cabelas #2 bag (forgot the name) on it and have abused both heavily over the years. Finally have to retire the bag after this last season, and will be giving my $ to Barney's again for the replacement bag.

          I tried shedding the original pack bag for the lighter single sack version once while training up and quickly changed back. It's just too much hassle to deal with tying the lighter sack down so it was stable..... Not to mention, I'd already started to rip the sack to pieces in just a training hike.....

          My 2 cents..... stick with the heavier bag and go light on other gear....


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            Buy it

            The Pinnacle Kevlar bag is worth every penny. No need to modify.
            Marc Theiler


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              I finally broke down last year and got a Barney's bag and frame (kevlar, pinnacle bag). It weighs almost exactly 9 lbs. I am considering trying to find a few extras here and there that can go. Maybe I can trim some straps, or replace the zipper pulls?

              I am also considering adding a 2L MSR hydration bag to a small pocket between the bag and the frame up by the shoulder blades and setting up a "camel back" system.

              I used a very small and lightweight water bottle last year, but getting to it, taking up a pocket, etc was a real pain. If I can do this camel back set up without adding too much weight I am going to do it. I would also like the convienence of just grabbing the tube off my shoulder strap and taking a drink.

              I can't recommened the Barney's pack enough. If cost is more important though, there are other options at Wiggy's, and the national stores.


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                Thanks. Sounds like folks don't ditch the standard bag for a lightweight dry bag. Nine pounds just seems like a lot but I guess it's necessary....


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                  whats the price tag on that kevlar pinnacle bag?


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                    The Kevelar Pinnacle is something like $500. As for the weight of 9 lbs, my old pack was a Cabela's extreme outfitter (or something like that) and it was 12 lbs empty.

                    So now I have a lighter and larger and stronger pack that is more comfortable. Money well spent in my opinion....although it did take me a while to come around to that point of view.



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                      dry bags on frame

                      I ve had Barneys pack frame for over 15 years and no longer use the bag on sheep hunts. We use lightweight dry bags in a series of pods. Not as handy as all the pouches of a pack but everything is always dry and helps keep things light. We are @30 to 34 lbs for a sheep hunt. When its all put together tight it even offers flotation crossing streams vs becoming a anchor. After a kill we roll up the main bag, put the sheep meat in a custom size game bag(pod) and strap them to the barneys frame. either 3 or 4 pods strapped to the frame , We have webbing and snaps att. to the frame and never waste time and energy tying things on. Just cinch them tighter as your load finds its home. We usually never base camp and keep camp on us unless stalking. In one pod that always stays with the frame has camera, whites, rain gear, warm hat, gloves, first aid, knife, bullets, emergency food and water. ENuff stuff to be comfy if a ram pins you down for the day. Were no experts but have found this to work for us.


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                        Guys I can't take it any more. I have been hauling my 5lb, $90 camptrails pack on every hunt for the last 6 years. It might not make it as a guide's everyday moose hauler,but it has carried a bunch of sheep out of the hills. ( and moose, bou, deer) when you are cutting your tooth brush in half how can you justify the extra pack weight for every single step?


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