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  • Another Sweet Gear Site (steep & cheap style)

    Here is a site similar in setup to steep and cheap from what I can tell that seems to sells soley hunting gear. I've seen Badlands packs, Sitka gear, and other quality stuff on here for excellent prices. Anyways check it out.

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    Great find, thanks.
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      good find. added that to the top of my internet bar, along with steep and cheap and (a ski gear site).

      just realized that this site is what SAC used to be, a new item gets placed at midnight, not when the item sell out. SAC used to do that, than they went to a new item when the current one sells out, and now they have a time counter and will replace the item within a certain time or if the item sells out.

      so you have to check out at midnight (EST i think). good site anyhow.
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        So I'm there and looking, can you only buy one thing and then they'll put up another the next day? or do they have a store that you can see several products?


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 (only one that does daily updates)

          Check 'em all out. Obviously each site has a target audience, but good gear on all of them from time to time.
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