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  • Camper Shells?

    Hey all,
    Looking for a camper shell and was wondering what dealers in the anchorage area you have dealt with/recommend? Thanks.

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    Are you talking about a slide in camper or a shell?

    Camper I know there are bigfoot, lance and what ever brand A&M motors is carrying.

    Truck topper/shell I know there are lots of local shops that carry brands like A.R.E. and several other nice fiberglass shells.

    Cache Camper is the only local/custom built that I know of... They can build a unit to your specs from as simple as a shell to as elaborate as a camper. They are nice...


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      Just the shell. Nothing fancy but would want a name brand like Leer etc.


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        Raider Fan

        No, not Football!!! Yuk!

        I bought a Raider Vagabond from custom truck accessories in anchorage. They were great to deal with. Something like $1500 IIRC. That included the bug screens on sliding slide windows, two locking levers on the rear, tinted glass, and a carpet headliner on a short box. In four years I've never had a problem with it.

        It was something like $600 less than the LEER for same quality, and half as much as snugtop. Made in Canada, too!

        Colby Jack Cheese


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          Craigslist & Custom Truck

          I bought my campershell off craigslist and then had Custom Truck paint it to match my truck. They were great to work with.


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            I didn't get my camper in Anchorage but I got a aluminum ARE camper. The contractor grade ones. To make a long story short, girlfriend rolled the truck while the shell was on. Truck died shell lived. Its an amazing strong son of a gun. Pounded the dents out of it and put it on the new truck and drove it down to have the color matched. If I buy another one it will be a ARE.
            I'm going to ctrl-alt-delete you so hard your mama's computer is going to reboot.


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