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  • Polypropylene???? underwear

    So are they that much better than the norm??
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    What is "the norm"?

    Assuming that we're talking about either your old white cotton long johns or going nekid, then yes, polypro is considerably better.

    The cotton comparison is pretty straight forward. When cotton gets wet, it stops insulating and it retains the water for a very long time. Polypro does not lose as much insulation property when it gets wet and it dries very fast. You are rarely doing the same level of activity at all times, so when you over exert and sweat, the polypro will wick the moisture away from the body and as long as you're layer with appropriate materials, the inner layers will dry out fast. When you go to a lower level of activity, you won't instantly become cold like you would with damp cotton underwear.
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      JOAT is completely right. Polypro underwear works well on hunts when there is verying levels of activities and the dry faster feature is great.


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        I have a couple pairs of Exofficio briefs that are awesome. They never bag out, they are always comfortable, and really help prevent... uh... monkey butt. lol

        I don't wear any cotton when hunting or during any sort of winter activity. Not even 10% cotton. None at all.
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          Base layer...

          the layer worn next to the skin can function to move moisture outward - where it can evaporate, and away from the skin to minimize cooling. Newer polypropylene base layers can do this very well and if they get wet, dry quickly and still insulate some while drying out. Merino wool is a newer wool base layer - that a lot of people like when it's really cold. Wool doesn't dry as well, but insulates best when wet.

          Pretty good discussion in another thread - including some $-saving tips from field veterans :cool::
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            Thank you, I'll have to check out this merino wool. never heard of this before. sounds like a good investment.

            Originally posted by 6XLeech View Post
            . Merino wool is a newer wool base layer - that a lot of people like when it's really cold. Wool doesn't dry as well, but insulates best when wet.
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              i wear polypro long underwear tops and bottoms a lot when hiking. wear walking shorts over the top just so i have some pockets. if it is damp out they will dry quickly. (you do get some funny looks at the gas station when you are filling up - that is the only drawback)
              if it is cold out, when I stop to rest just pull on some rain pants over the top for sitting around.
              i have some new columbia titanium hiking pants that i am going to try out this next summer.


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                funny looks

                if i saw someone wearing walking shorts as a top ,even over another layer,i'd probably give them a funny look also


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                  better than polypro

                  Polypropolene works good, but it can be stiff and retains smells pretty badly. The better material is polyester. It does not absorb moisture, stays softer and does not retain odors as badly.


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                    Some people don't wear the poly pro due to the way is can irritate the skin.

                    Try this stuff... I am positive you will love it.


                    Wintersilk... which is made out of silk and it probably the warmest thing you can start with and layer it well without the bulkiness. You can wash it, it doesn't retain smells very much and it is WARM!

                    Tops and Bottoms go for 50 a peice usually... but they last. They aren't like Underarmour either. I have had a set for 4 yrs and just had to replace them. They also carry glove liners and sock liners if your feet get sweaty... they dry FAST! I use them and well as layer wool merino socks on them... toasty warm.

                    Hope that helps! I love this company.
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                      Polypropylene has been the baseline for long underwear for a while, as far as I know. I still use them. Hunting outfitters like Cabela's carry some that are nicer in that they're treated to not stink.

                      I do hear nice things about merino wool. I've had my sights set on "smartwool" because it can supposedly be machine washed.
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                        I'm not sure but I think Underarmor brand is polypropolene. Whatever it is I love mine. They are pricey but well worth it to me.


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                          Curious...those of you that run the merino/smartwool gear....does it stretch out after wearing a bit? i like my base layer to stay form fitting. I've been runnin Duo-Fold mid weights for everything I do, never had an issue so far but always lookin to upgrade.

                          And is anyone carrying these wintersilks locally?
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