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  • Western Mountianering Versalite?

    I have read many posts on bags, Has anyone used the WM Versalite? I am thinking of getting the TI Goat bivy. I Froze my tail off this yr on a sheep hunt. I took a real light bag, trying to cut weight the cheap way, It seemed like I was using a bed sheet for a bag, I was happy to get moving in the mourning. Im planning on a goat hunt this fall, It will prob be in mid oct that is why Im looking at the 10 deg bag. anything will help.


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    I have the next model up, the Alpinlite Super and these ARE very fine bags, no question. However, I have found that the WM girths fit tighter than with my old Grand Junction Marmot Mtn. bag and I find it a bit too snug at 64".

    So, if you are a husky guy, the Versalite might be too snug at 62" girth and this is a pretty important issue. Other than that and if it's fits, this is about the best "all around" bag I know of and one that will last and perform as the makers say it will....NOT always the case.

    I would go with an Integral Designs eVent bivy over anything else currently available and have two of these with outstanding results in BC conditions identical to those I have seen in Alaska.


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      WM versalite

      WM versalite was too warm for me this sheep season!! I was wearing silk-weight long underwear like I always do, but I was toasty warm all night! First hunt was in late august, light freezing at night, second hunt was late september, barely freezing at night.

      Other things that will affect a bag's warmth: sleeping pad; I use an exped downmat 7 short, perhaps THE warmest lightweight sleeping pad out there. Also shelter; if you are using a double wall tent, I would not bring a bivy sack of any kind. We had constant rain, fog, snow, for 7 days straight, the kind of weather that is supposed to be "bad" for down bags. However, besides some condensation on the outside of my bag, no loss of warmth or performance was noted. Still way too warm when the exterior was damp and clammy.

      The WM Versalite will be my VERY late sheep season, october goat hunt bag in the future. It is sipmly too warm (for me) if the low temps are not getting down into the 20's given my pad and double wall tent.

      Otherwise, excellent bag, excellent construction, highly recommended if you are a cold sleeper and want some "margin". You might want to go with the alpinlite (like Kutenay said) or Ultralite if you are in "sheepshape", if you plan on using it only during sheep season.



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        The only thing that I can suggest is that you climb in a Western Mountaineering bag before you buy one. I had serious fit issues with the Ultralite and the Apache which have similar sizing specs as the Versalite. I am not a big guy either, but the 59"-62" shoulder girth was way too tight for any kind of comfort. I ended up getting a Marmot Helium, it weighs less than 2lbs, is rated for 15 degrees and I gave it a heck of a waterproofing test in the bathtub and it passed with flying colors.


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          How do I know how to size, without getting into one?

          well thanks for all the feedback, I am 6'1", I am normal size, 200 lb. Im not huge in the shoulders, I want to be comfortable, I do move around alot, usually cause there is a darn rock in my ribs, hip, and shoulder. But serously i guess I could measure myself, then get an estimated guess, on which bag to get. the reason why I want the versilite, I am planning a goat hunt for mid oct, to the beggining of Nov. I want to cut the weight and still be warm. I would not use it for sheep hunting in august, I will be getting a different one for that application. Later in the yr, you tend to spend more time in the bag, less daylight, bad weather days, so i want to be warm and still be able to be comfortable in the bag.

          I will check into the bivy you recommended, I have read and heard good things about the TI-Goat, bivy. It is real light, just trying to keep the bad dry as possible. Might not need it all the time.

          thanks guys
          good luck hunting


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            I dont know where you live, but Beaver Sports in Fairbanks carries Western Mountaineering, you could try a few out for fit and get a better idea what fits well.


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              I completely understand WHY you want the Versalite, but, I am inclined to think that you might find it too snug at your size. I would look at the new Valandre Bloody Mary for your needs, an absolutely superb bag, based on my one year ownership of a Shocking Blue and only 2.25 lbs., rated to +5*F.

              Definitely TRY before you buy as I had no chance to and spent over $400.00 for a bag a bit too tight for me. I can use it in summer, but, I really had hoped for an April-mid-Oct. bag and this is too snug to comfortably zip up completely in the colder temps. I might encounter then.

              I should have bought the WM Badger as I was going to, but, at past 60, them hills ARE getting steeper and every ounce DOES count!


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