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  • Sleeping bag suggestion

    I am looking for a cheap sleeping bag rated for -20 to -40 any suggestions

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    What is your definition of "cheap"? A quality bag in that temp range that you can trust your life to at those temperatures is not cheap. Maybe the cheapest might be mil surplus.


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      Originally posted by KodMan213 View Post
      I am looking for a cheap sleeping bag rated for -20 to -40 any suggestions
      I just bought the army 4 piece modular sleep system off ebay it is rated to -40. These run $100 to $250. I haven't used yet though. Has anyone had any experience with these?


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        You shouldn't go cheap on gear that may have to save your life. Spend the money on a good because your life might depend on it later and thats not the time/place for a cheap one. Just my $.02.


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          Look for something on sale, not "cheap". I found a Marmot -20 down bag on sale at one of REI's clearance events last year - marked down nearly $200. It was a good deal, but it was still not cheap.

          Like the other folks said, at temps below zero you can get in trouble in a hurry.


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            Here's a tip to help you with any winter bag

            Make sure that you keep special sleeping clothes in you bag. I have a special set of Duo-therm long underwear, wool socks, and even a stocking cap to sleep with. I sleep with my clothes under my bag, but on top of my pad. I place my parka over my bag as extra insulation. Never underestimate the importance of a good pad (I'm hoping to get a bear hide for one), and carefully prep your bedding area by padding it with boughs, dry grass, etc. Try and remove sticks, stones and roots before laying down your pad if possible. And one more tip is to watch your fluid intake in the evening. It's always tempting to drink one more cup of coffee before retiring, but you'll pay for it later when you have to get up to pee in below 0 weather (though you might catch some northern lights). At the very least, have a soda bottle with a lid close by so you don't have to go out of the tent.

            Some of these tips will allow you to get by with a little less expensive bag, but really, always get the best you can afford when it comes to sleeping bags.


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              Consider "layering" your sleep system...

              -40 bag? That must be $300-$400 or so?

              If I had to solve that temp range on a budget, I'd see if I could layer a solution, sort of along the lines of Sayak's suggestion. Take the bag I have and see if I could get a value on an inner or outer bag to extend the temp range. Craigslist might help too.

              Years ago, Uncle Sam took me winter camping in the mountains near Spokane. The gear issued included two feather-filled sleep bags, which we used one inside the other. Amazingly warm - although we slept in shelter halves (open on one side) - snow, mountains, February but warm.

              Since then I occasionally use an old North Face summer bag as in inner bag - when it's cold. There was a thread on bags where I think Lujon mentioned using a modular system. A bivy sack, bag liner and special sleep cloths can all help also. The idea of a multi-piece modular sleep system is a good one.

              Good luck.
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                First thing I read was, "How much are my limbs worth to me?"
                Serious. I am not being sarcastic this time.
                You have to consider that anytime you purchase something, it's an investment. Remind yourself that this is an investment into your outdoors experience. If you want to remember your experience being frozen cold because you wanted to spend your $$ on a cheap bag, then find something that may be rated for a warmer climate at a cheaper cost.
                Personally, I'd suggest that you really take into consideration a sleeping bag at that temp rating into serious consideration. Spend the money. Don't go cheap. Your toes and nose are not worth losing.


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                  Go talk to Marc at wiggys on old seward. The wiggys bags are not the most expensive out there, but they aren't $50 either. There are lots of choices there too.


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                    i got a wiggy's ultralight ftrss gets it down to -20, great bag.....$275.00's on the swap & sell


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                      4 lbs

                      Did I read correctly that a Wiggy's +20 bag is 4lb 1oz? It would have to massage me while I sleep to put up with that weight!
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                        I have a Wiggy's -60* bag for $275.


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                          ledge bag

                          Has any one ever heard of a ledge sleeping bag, I saw some at sportsmans wearhouse the other day, looked nice.


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                            Mountain Hardwear Lamina -30


                            This bag works well according to all of the reviews I have read. I don't own one but I have been checking them out. The are very affordable in my opinion also.


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                              Saw a good bag deal on the for sale forum. It was the full Wiggy setup. May already be gone, but take a look.


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