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  • Float hunt gear review

    I'll try and keep this short, rating on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the best.

    SOAR Levitator - 5 This was my first float hunt and the raft was very easy to handle and put together. Draft on this thing was awesome and we only dragged bottom a few times.
    Oar Saddles - 5 I would never own a raft or inflatable boat without these, they are so easy to install and are way lighter than a frame.
    TAG bags - 5 Awesome game bags, they will cover an entire quarter of the largest moose with ease and have excellent breathability. You can wash them and with a little wind they will dry completely in less than a few hours.
    Sporthill camo Expedition pants - 5 These are killer pants, lots of stretch to them and they are very comfortable. I also like the zippered pockets and legs. The camo pattern is pretty cool too.
    Coleman single burner propane stove - 5 We used this stove exclusively for cooking all our meals and one tank would last 6 days while cooking at least 2 meals a day.
    Eureka! K2-XT with footprint - 5 This tent worked out great for the float hunt, it's very easy to set up, has lots of space for 2 people and plenty of gear storage under the vestibule. The guy outs for this tent are great for keeping the fly off the tent as well.
    Wiggy's Ultra Lite bag - 5+ Roomy, roomy, and more roomy!! Very comfortable bag and a nice large #10 zipper that doesn't get caught up in the material like most bags do. Stayed warm the entire trip and never got chilled at night.
    Thermarest self inflating mattress - 4 I used an older model and it worked fine but I will be getting the newer Thermarest Pro-Lite 4 before next season. Mine was not quite wide enough but kept me off the ground and insulated from it as well.
    Garmin eTrex GPS - 5 Now I know what i've been missing all these years, these things are great and are simple to use. Along with a good map I will never go in the field without mine again!!

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    I always appreciate a gear review...saves me thousands!!

    What about your waders?


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      I used a pair of LaCrosse Big Chief hip waders which I think had developed a leak sometime this summer, i couldn't seem to keep them dry inside. My buddy used the Cabela's Dry Tough breathable hunting waders and he loved them but I found them to be a little noisy when walking around in them. I like the hip waders, i'll probably just get a new pair and use them for strictly hunting. One thing to consider when buying breathable waders with seperate boots is that when it gets cold outside, the boots will freeze and become very uncomfortable to wear, just something to consider.


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        How do the Sporthill pants hold up in the rain and or do they dry quickly? Good gear is a must up here. You can buy quality once or crap a lot of times.

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          We didn't have a lot of rain on our hunt but i did wear them the whole time we were floating. They did get wet when we hit a few large waves but dried fairly quick, I will wear them on all my hunts from here on out. One other thing we used that I forgot to mention was the Katadyn Pro Hiker Deluxe water purifier system, we filled a 5 gallon container twice and our Nalgene bottles many times and it worked flawlessly and the filter is just starting to show a little dirt. I'd give it a 5 also!


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            great review.

            Wow, lots of "5" ratings! Glad to hear it. You spent the bucks and did it right.
            BTW, The thermorest pro lite 4 is a winner....
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              I'm a simple guy and I don't expect anything extra from my gear, only that it performs as advertised and all this gear did just that and then some, thats why I rated everything a 5 except the Thermarest, it just needed to be a little wider.


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                One more item to mention, the Thermarest Compressible Camp Pillow gets a big thumbs down -1 rating. You might as well just lay your head on a rock its that comfy.


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                  thermarest pillows

                  I have several of the old thermarest pillows. These are two thumbs up!!! I almost replace one with the current version of the thermarest pillow. I tried it out and it was like sleeping on a back full of rocks. Sucked. The old one is the bomb.


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                    Eureka! K2-XT, good looking tent...

                    $430 dome design, approx 8 x 9 floor with vestibule, 11 pounds:

                    No habitat, no hunter.


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