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  • Helle?

    I was at the fair today and I bought a Helle Safari knife. The wooden handle is absoultely beautiful and the edge on this knife is nothing I have ever experienced. It is that sharp. The wood grain makes it look as if it is on fire. I talked to a few people who own these knives and they claim these knives will dress and entire moose and not require a stone for seasons.

    Does anyone else have experience with this brand?
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    I have had an almost identical knife to the one you purchased for 3-4 yrs now. I have to agree with what you were told. I have only sharpened mine 1 time and that isn't because it isn't getting used. It just holds an edge better than any knife I have ever used. Matter fact, I have a hard time keeping it from my wife. I also purchased a Helle fillet knife 2 yrs ago. It is not the same blade as it has to be flexible but it still is my absolute favorite fillet knife. I have used both of these knives to do moose with. I never thought a fillet knife would work so well on moose. Ever since I purchased these 2 knives I haven't used any of the gerber, kershaw, etc. knives that I have collected over the years.


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      I'm heading over to the fair here in a bit, where's the booth?

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        Its more towards the rides on the street with the dipping dots stand.


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          The Helle knives are made in Norway, with a laminated blade and Norwegian Birch Handles. StatOil (The Norwegian national oil company) Gave them to all hands on their off shore plataforms for Christmas presents one year in the late 1990's. You came off shift Christmas Eve and there was a Christmas card and a wrapped present (the knife) on your bed! The Brit's on board went wild as claimed they were leathal weapons and could not be taken into the UK. So, bought an additiional 2 for $20 each and brought home for family members. Also, If you have ever seen the Documentary on Discovery Channel of the setting of the Troll Platform in Norway here's an interesting note. One of the lady Geologist I work with in Norway told me that she had made (assembled and finished the handle) a helle knife in a craft class on that platform. This was all pre 9/11, but still shows the difference in attitude in Norway from the USA. They consider a belt knife a good tool and everyone should have one!


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            Helle! YES!

            I've been using Helle knives for years in Alaska. The ones I use are the Nying and it's high-carbon steel brother, the Fjording. Both are excellent knives, with birch handles and a blade about 2.5 inches in length. I have found that you really don't need more blade, whether you're caping a moose, skinning a bear or quartering any big-game animal. I keep two knives in my pack and only take them out when I have an animal down.

            The first time I used a Nying, we skinned three moose, seven caribou and a grizzly. There were two of us working, but only one Helle knife involved. So the Helle can't take credit for all 11 animals. Still, that's outstanding performance without having to sharpen my knife. It's a wonderful tool.

            HERE'S THE LINK to Helle's main website, and I'm posting pictures of both knives below.

            If you bought a Helle knife, you've made a purchase that will last your lifetime.

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              Wife bought me a Helle Eggen for my birthday last year, haven't had a chance to use it yet but I am looking forward using it this year. What a beautiful knife!


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                I really liked the Helle Eggen but when I was younger I was using a fillet knife to cut up a fish. The handle slipped out of my hand and I accidentally ran the tips of my fingers down the razor sharp edge. The safari might have been more but I really like the idea of a hand guard. I am unsure of the technical term.


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                  Has anyone heard of "Cold Steel" knives? just picked up a Cold Steel Recon Tanto knife from a buddy and he swore by it. Pretty stout bastage made of Carbon steel.


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                    What model would you choose???

                    I am a woodworker and the craftsmanship in these knives is impressive to say the least. Looks great, but they don't look to be the most comfortable in hand...that being said, I understand that pictures dont' always show everything and I have not seen or fealt one in my hand. I was thinking about getting my father-in-law one of these for Christmas last year, did some looking and couldn't find anywhere to purchase one. I have since found few vendors, but can't decide on a model...what is your favorite? He would use it for big game.
                    thanx, bnr


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                      I have the Helle SYMFONI Along with other Puukko knives. I cant say enough about these knives.

                      Try: http://www.ragweedforge.com



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                        home made...

                        Has anyone ever made a knife from (almost) scratch? I have some old warn out files and have considered giving it a try......
                        If so, what method did you use to form the blade (grinding or forging?)....

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                          Does anyone know where I can look at some of these knives in the Fairbanks area?


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                            Knives to look good, and work very well. The laminated blade sandwiches a layer of hard higher carbon alloy between two layers of tough lower carbon alloy. This gives a blade that holds an edge without being brittle, and is easier to resharpen. It is done with both carbon and stainless steels.


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                              I have this one and like it a lot.. skinned 2 moose then started to notice the edge coming off a little.
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