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  • Saving Boots

    There's no way around it - my boots have a mildew problem.

    I kept 'em dry as best I could, dried 'em out as best I could, but after a week of daily wear and wet/dry cycles, the stink mold set in.

    So now what? Anybody have good suggestions for killing mildew inside my hunting boots?

    I've got the Alaska Hunter boots Meindl makes for Cabela's. For a person of my means, they're ungodly expensive, and I was thrilled with their performance in the mountains. So I'm really sensitive about not damaging them, 'cause I love 'em and can't afford to replace them.

    Do I just hit 'em with Lysol? Will that eat the material? What's your magic solution?

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    You are spot on with the Lysol. I had this problem with a pair of my favorite leather hunting boots. After they were completly dry I loaded them Lysol and let them air dry outside all day. Then I sprayed Oust in them and let them air dry another day. Problem Solved! Hope this helps. I love my Cabelas by Meindle!


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      Athlete's foot remedies will kill the bad stuff without harming your feet or boots.


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