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  • Big Agnes Seedhouse Sl series

    Is anybody using these lightweight tents? I ordered up the SL1 and at 2 1/2 lbs with a full fly and double wall it should make a great tent for sheep hunting next year. Any info or opinions welcomed.

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    looks good...

    its nice that it has a floor/mesh walls if desired and its still around 3 pounds with the rain fly-very cool.
    Price is right, too-with free footprint. Is this about what you paid, R?
    I'm likin this one.
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      No Frank, thats the Seedhouse 1 not the Seedhouse SL 1.Heres the link to the one I got. I am seeing 2 lbs 6 oz trail ready.

      They look bad ass for sheep hunting, should breathe well, and has full fly with a little vestibule and high tub floor.. From the research I have done they (Big Agnes) make pretty good stuff. Might need this thing in a week or so.


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        Oh and by the way a friend of mine bought a Honda wheeler from a guy in Anchorage and we met him yesterday in Glennallen to pick it up and he was the same guy I picked up your outboard from down there. Small world.


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          Picked one up

          I bought one this summer (SL1) for my sheep hunt and I really like it a lot. I used it once this summer and thought it was great. It may be a little tight for my brother-in-law and me on our hunt. But the weight is perfect and the price is right.



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            That thing is awesome. A tent like that could all but make tee-pees and siltarps obsolete. Why camp like a caveman without a floor and walls over a single pound? Especially with the conditions like this year. It still gives you the option to "fly-only" camp too.

            You need to bust that 35" next week with that thing, R. I expect a full report (tent & ram)

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              That report will have to wait a month. I drew a Sept 18th Chugach tag. Hopefully by then the rain will stop and the snow won't be too bad up there.

              Either way, I'll have fun.



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                check out the bibler and black diamond tents

                I too am in the market for a lightweight yet fully waterproof tent. Word is the bibler tents are the best. Also a model made by black diamond called the lighthouse that is supposed to be great. Not only do they weigh like 3-4 lbs but they are fully waterproof and tough in the wind. They have two poles that go inside the tent so there is no sleeves to rip and they are made for moutain climbers and such so the toughness is top notch. The black diamond packs to like 5x9 inches for the two person model. It doesnt get anymore compact or light than that. Both tents are highly praised by backpacker magazine. You can see them at and i believe rei sells them both also. About $300 for the black diamond and about $550 for the bibler tents. Sometimes you get what you pay for though.
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                  I hear ya dana but I am not looking for a single wall four season tent for sheep hunting. I want something that isn't gonna saturate me from the inside out,and vents real well. That has been my experience with the lightweight 4 season single walls during fall weather.They do not breathe. My partner was up and *****ing every morning this year with his , he didn't get wet from the outside in , but he got wet from the inside out. I on the other hand was in a Sierra designs Clipflashlight and it vented great and the inside of my tent stayed bone dry. I am just trying to shave a couple pounds by going with the Big Agnes.


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                    Seedhouse SL3

                    I purchased a Seedhouse SL3 earlier this summer to add to my tent collection. While I have yet to test it in adverse weather, I am quite happy with it thus far. Being a "3" person, it is comfortable for two and some gear, and still weighs less than most "2" person tents; I think the extra room will be nice when weathered in. Again, I haven't tested it in the worst of conditions, but I am happy with the construction, the color (rather than all those obnoxious yellows, blues, etc out there), and ease of setup with the hubbed-pole design.


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                      Big Agnes makes great tents!

                      I have the Big Agnes Seedhouse 2 and love it. Don't get sucked into spending extra money if you don't have it. The only negative thing that I can say is the vestabule is small. For the price, and weight it is the best out there. Field Tested to the extreme...........


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                        Size & Versatility Questions

                        As you all may have heard, I am moving up to AK from MI in August (I made my intro on the hunting forum). I am looking to buy a good lightweight tent for hunting/hiking/camping. This thread and some others in the archives have addressed some of my questions, but I am still wondering if I can get a “do-it-all” tent. I’ve seen the tee-pees, tarps, and solid walls, but wondering if something like the Big Agnes will suit all my needs? I am also having a hard time depicting what size I would need. I am looking for something for 2 people, but I know that “2-person” sometimes means two people stacked up, not side-by-side. What can you tell me?


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                          Just another thought...

                          ...should I buy one single man tent for going solo and another larger for when Coral or a another buddy is going me?


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                            BucknRut IMHO there is not a single tent that does it all up here. There are times when you need a rock solid 4 season tent that will house 2-3 buddies and gear in the worst of conditions and will weigh from 8 -20 lbs and then there is high alpine hunting where you are carrying your existence on your back and you need something super light that will work in a pinch. Its up to you, but my take is there are different tents with different intended uses and none of them do it all. Some with stoves, some without floors, theres too many desires to define it in one. It also depends on the amount and type of hunting you do. the Big Agnes is a great lightweight tent, but its not intended for true 4 season use.


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                              Thanks AlaskaCub, thought I might hear that.

                              I am still confused as to when I would want a "solid wall" vs. "vented" tent. All of this talk about condensation on the inside has got me second guessing what I origionally thought.

                              So am I correct in saying that something like the Big Agnes is what I would use away from base camp, say in the mountains or on a Kodiak hunt in mild to cold weather? And would that same tent work on a float trip or would I carry only a base camp tent?

                              What type of tent would I use for a base camp? I haven't looked for this in the archives yet, so if I am readdressing an issue, just ignore the last question. Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated.


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