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  • New MH Four Season Tent

    Mountain Hardwear appears to have a new one person, 4 season tent for the 2007 season. It will be about 3 lbs. and looks very bomber. Might be a good choice for sheep hunters and those traveling light.

    I'll try and post a pic I found.
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    forget it....

    If you like a dry abode. I have the two person model and it totally let me down with the condensation on last weeks sheep hunt, and I had that thing vented out the wazoo. If I wouldnt have tagged early I would have had to deal with dampness for days.
    My good bud has the one-person model and I heard his was just as bad.
    Great tent for Everest and Denali or anywhere with snow load, but too damp for sheepin.....I'll sell this one to anyone who wants it.
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      Thanks fullkurl ... I'll keep that in mind before investing in one.

      Since this is a 07 model, I'll wait until the review sites take it for a spin before considering an investment.

      I have been looking for a bomber, superlight, breathable, 4 season tent. I'm just not sure one really exists.

      Maybe a BD Eldorado is close; seems that way based on my criteria and online reviews???


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        Yep, Bibler.

        HMT, I have an extra brand new Eldorado, never used with ground cloth. I PM'ed you if you are interested...Fk
        Proud to be an American!


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