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The Deal That Got Away

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  • The Deal That Got Away

    I visit Fred Meyers quite frequently and when I enter the door I take the quickest route to the sporting goods section. A couple of months ago my local Fred Meyer had a sale on the Leupold RX-II. I have tested a few range finders and I find them very helpful, so I caustiously anticipated buying a range finder when the time was right. On this particular day I power walked to the sporting goods section looking for deals on rifles, handguns, fishing gear, and just about anything else in that section. I saw someting unusual, they placed 10 brand new boxes of RX-II's on the glass counter. Below in the glass case there was the RX-II on display and ON SALE for $75!!!!! First 10 buyers got the deal. I stood looking into the glass case for about 10 minutes. Just as I was about to pick one up to buy I thought to myself, "What do I need a range finder for anyways? Almost all of my shots are within 200-300 yards and it is not hard to judge that distance (atleast for me). I will use that $75 for my .223 I am going to buy." Well, I passed on the deal after much deliberation. That night I completely regretted my discission. The next day I rushed over to Freddies to pick one up. Luck has it, they were ALL GONE!! For the last couple of months I have been kicking myself over the deal that got away.

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    You made a good decision. Save the money for your next rifle.
    I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out.
    Bill Hicks


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      Bad decision

      At $75, I would have bought everyone they had. Kept 1 and resold the rest for $150 (still a great deal). You could MAKE some money for that new rifle.

      Last year I picked up a BFR 45-70 for 50% off at Fred Meyer. Had a buddy resell it for me at the Palmer gun show. In the end everyone was happy.
      Freddie's cleared out their unwanted inventory.
      The buyer got a good deal on a gun he wanted.
      My buddy earned a small commission.
      I stuck $200 in my pocket for the trouble.
      Ain't America great?


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        Milo that is excatly why I frequently check Freddies for sales, which is a couple times a week.

        I figured I could have used the range finder and if i did not like it or use it that often I could sell it quite fast. I never considered buying all 10 though, but I have been in sales and retail sales for awhile now. I hate when I am stiffed and its hard for me to do that to someone else. I know its a deal, even if I sold it at half the retail price, but every fiber in my body would have told me it was wrong. I know I am a puss.


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          James, I would have bought one from you in a heartbeat!!


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            I wouldn't try to make a buck off my buddies on a deal like that. I once bought 3 new power ice augers for $60/each. Kept one and passed the others to friends at cost. But strangers? Well thats business and as long as everyone is happy in the end, I don't feel bad about.


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