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  • Cabelas External Frames

    I have read most the info here and other sites about the cabelas frames and the other options out there. Some concerns have been voiced over durability. Were these concerns focused more on the earlier model years with the pins that hold the pack together or does it also include the newer style with the straps that feed around the aluminum tubing (instead of the pins) for pack straps, adjustments, etc???

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    I think actually it concerns both but the type with the pins can be fixed use lightweight bolts and nuts. My biggest concern was the shoulder harness, not the pins as I just put tape over them to quiet them down. Finding a good shoulder harness without paying through the nose is tough but i may have found a good one in the Msytery Ranch frame which I believe was created by Dana Gleason, designer of the Dana Design line of packs. Take a look see.


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      I looked at the Cabelas external frame packs for about two seconds. A couple of my buddies had the Alaskan I and II's, but I haven't tried out the guide or outfitter models. I can tell you that I didn't buy one. I was looking for a more rugged freighter pack and ended up buying a Bull Pac. It weighs in at 4lbs without a bag on it. It has 7 lashing hooks on it and its a welded/bolted frame (no pins). The shelf is great and I can load it up with more weight than I want to pack. You can rachet strap a dry bag or two on it for hauling gear, strap meat quarters on it, or tie an outboard motor or other heaving bulky item to it. For light camping trips, I'm looking at an Eberlestock internal frame expandable pack...

      I know I didn't answer your question the way you are looking, but it's nice to know you're other options. Depending on what you need to haul, I don't think you'll find a pack more 'durable' than a Bull Pac.


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        Bull Pac

        Burton ...

        do you have pics of your pack you could post?

        Did you buy the regular model or the alaskan model?

        Are the shoulder straps confortable (they dont appear to be contoured from the website pics)?

        I tried on the guide model at cabelas last week and it was certainly the most comfortable of the 4 models they offer; at least for my size/shape ...


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          Tried one

          Had the Alaska III, I think. Ended up giving it away to a friend. If you are short like me, it won't fit properly, and it sticks up too much if you are going through or under brush / limbs. The worst part though was the weight, about 11 pounds for the pack and frame. Just more weight i didn't want.

          My .02


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            Cabelas freighter frames

            I love mine. I am also 6'4" / 250# which may make the difference in the fit. As far as durability, I cannot complain. The only thing that I have had a problem with was after I stepped on the fast-x buckle and broke part of it. (reminds me I still need to fix it!) I have had 200#'s of moose meat (yes 200#'s...I was trying to cut down on the 150 yard trips to the wheeler) strapped to the frame and it never caused any problems. I've packed in for 3 day sheep trips up the Eagle River valley with all my gear and a bow strapped to it. Other than the occasional squeek in the harness, I have no complaints.

            The porcupine is a peaceful animal yet God still thought it necessary to give him quills....


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              HMT, to answer your question, no the straps are not contoured. They are 1 inch by 4 inch padded straps, pretty wide really. I've packed around 10 miles with it and I don't have any complaints. I have an Elk hunt coming up and I plan on using it for a meat hauler if I am fortunate enough to get one.

              Having said that, I want to get an internal frame pack for getting up the mountains of Southeast. It's so thick down here that my old camptrails pack was hanging up on every branch I walked past, making the hiking twice as hard. I don't have the top extension on my bull pac, nor do I have a bag for it. I bought it for the sole purpose of hauling meat and heavy gear, knowing that I could strap a dry bag to it and make a backpack out of it.

              I can try to get some photos on here if you are still interested in them.


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                Thanks Burton. I really appreciate the info. If you have time to post pics, it would be most appreciated. The pics on the bull pac site just don't seem to capture the details.


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                  Bull Pac photos

                  I'll try attaching some photos. I took a photo of the riveted lashing hooks, welded cross members, and nut/bolt strap fasteners. I also took some top and side view shots of the padded straps so you could see what I was talking about. They are pretty much rectangular... if you have any other questions, let me know.
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                    strap fasterners... no pins!
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                      couple more
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                        last ones...
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                          wow ...

                          Thanks Burton ... Much appreciated.

                          I think I am going to have to go with the Bull Pac after I save a few more $$$.


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                            Cabelas Frame

                            I have owned the Cabelas Freighter for 8 years and have hauled many a elk and dear out on them. I do not mess around when it comes to wieght. Less trips for me the better. I just purchased thier new Alaskan Extreme and WOW what a sweet frame pack. With the Compression pod you just throw meat on cinch 4 straps and go. I have already thrown on a 100# bag of sand and the suspension system performed like a dream. It only felt like 50#. Tonight I am training with 150#'s on it. I will post later on how it went. Cabelas for the money is first class. I have no experience with the BullPac but the suspension makes my shoulders and waist hurt just looking at it. No contour at all. Look at the Cabelas suspension again and compare the two. Suspension is where it is at! Looking at the two the Cabelas wins hands down by going off just pics.Good Luck!!


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                              liv2hnt, i just bought that same frame and I have to agree with you. That pack frame is well designed and look like it will handle a huge load. The new suspension system and the compression pod looks like it will more than do the trick. I just can't say enough good things about Cabela's and the way they do business. Everything I have ever ordered from them always gets here quicker than I expect and their 100% satisfaction guarantee is the best in the business. I like buying local but sometimes you have to go outside to get what you want. I'll post a report when I get back from my sheep hunt.


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