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    I'll be headed to Kodiak Nov. '07 for blacktail and would like to hear some pro's and con's about the Meindl Denali's. Anything with more than 200 grams of thinsulate is usually too hot for me, and my feet end up sweating. I was also looking at the Alaskan hikers (uninsulated), I don't mind wearing a couple pair of socks. Would the rubber band that wraps around the hiker be of any benefit on Kodiak during the deer hunt?


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    I have a pair of the Meindel alaskan Hiker or something like that from Cabelas bought them for sheep hunting and probably will never buy anything different, my buddy has a pair also and swears by them. Only downfall is the long break in period, but the ankle support is great. Good Luck.


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      I just wore a pair of Alaskan Hunters on an August 1st deer hunt. I spent two days in them and worried that my feet would be too hot or too uncomfortable. At any rate, they performed great. I wore a liner sock and knowing I would be going over the tops of the boots, I wore a pair of Seal Skin calf-high socks to keep from having wet feet. System worked great for me, a little on the warm side, but I'm happy with the boots. As far as the hiker's go, they are a couple inches shorter than the hunters. I personally like the extra height, this is the first pair of boots that I've owned that are this tall. I definitely like the additional support. It's been a while since I trudged around Kodiak, actually I spent more time on Afognak. If you are going to buy the boots, the black rand that surrounds the bottom of the leather is definitely a plus. It slows the wear on the boot when you are walking in rock and shale and keeps the leather from getting sliced up... If my old Asolo's had the rand, I would still be wearing them, but the leather was cut clean through after years of hiking in rocks. At any rate, this is the first pair of Meindl's that I have owned and used this forum in making my decision. I'm happy with the hunters and I'll probably stick with them for a long, long time.


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