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  • Heatseeker

    Anyone out there ever use Aimpoint's heatseeker for locating downed game? Looks like a neat little gadget, but $$$. Just curious how effective it actually is, and if it can function in thick cover.

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    limited use

    Not real familiar with that particular model. But I believe all of those gadgets run off the same technology. (FLIR) And if that is true I can tell you that the idea has merit but also has its down falls...

    I have extensive experience using hand held FLIR infrared type unit. The type used in search and rescue. And I'm not talking about cheap stuff... 15-20k$ per unit.

    They are amazing but the one thing they can not do is pierce dense vegitation.

    In an open (cleared) environment you could find the heat source even from great distances. However, in a thick vegitation situation you will likely have to be with in yards or feet before seeing some small portion of the heat source.

    They would likely work but think about it... You shoot an animal... What are they most likely to do? Head to the nearest, deepest, darkest vegitation they can find... If you are hoping to stand back and pin point them - good luck... I think you be better practicing your trailing skills.

    Maybe some military guys here will have more to add but that's my experience.


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      I was thinking along similar lines... the concept is great, but practical use in the field would be questioned. As far as my trailing skills, I think everybody stands room to improve, but if there is a "real" tool out there that can help and aid in a quick recovery of downed game, I'm all for it!


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        I don't think I would want to be caught with night vision/infrared type equipment in my hunting camp. Granted you could explain all day that it would be used for after the shot has been made, but...... How tempting would it be to use it after dark to see what is crawling around (which I am pretty sure is illegal).

        Double check the regs.

        The porcupine is a peaceful animal yet God still thought it necessary to give him quills....


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          Actually it is not night vision equipment. It's an instrument that picks up heat sources and identifies them with a series of tones. They claim they have an effective range of several hundred yards, but I doubt as WinMag said, in thick vegetation wouldn't be of much use.


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            heat sensors

            It all depends on the temperature differences between the game and surrounding materials. If it's a warm day, it's not going to help much, but if the vegetation is cooled off it can help significantly even through brush.


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              Wh should we be worried about what we are "caught" with in camp? Possesion of anything that is legal to posess should not make the holder guilty of a crime.
              If you bring equipment into the field to use illegally, then you should definately be worried about having it in your possesion. If your intent is to use it in a legal manner, as in kill recovery, you shouldn't have to worry about it being in your possesion.
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