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  • Schnee Boots

    I received a catalog today from Schnee's in Bozeman, MT. Looking through it appeared they had some cool stuff. One thing that interested me was the Schnee Sheep Hunter GTX boots. Does anyone have any experience with these? good or bad?

    They are 10" tall, full grain leather, gore-tex, and made by LOWA.

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    Awesome Boots

    If they fit your feet. This is what I've been using for the past few seasons.


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      I just picked up a pair this afternoon. Seem like really good boots and I have heard a lot of good things about them.


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        Lowa boots...+

        I've been using the Lowa brand boots in the "Sheep Hunter" model for the past few seasons also. Bought them from Schnee's ... I really like mine. In fact, they fit my feet so well, and are so comfortable and waterproof I use them during Moose, Caribou and Bear seasons also. I'm particularily hard on boots, I've got 3 seasons on the Lowa's and they're still working fine!
        One of my guides wears Mindels and swears by them, another uses another brand....I think that when you find a pair of boots that fit YOUR feet well, stick with em'.

        Good Hunting...>Byron


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          The best boots that I have ever worn

          I purchased a pair from Schnees last year and wore them all hunting season. They fit perfect and I would not want to wear any other boot and I have worn them in cold weather. I was in the Schnees store the other day and there was a number of returned boots. Upon asking, the purchaser wore them and they did not fit and the money was refunded.


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            I've been wearing them for about 10 years. I wear them at work in the woods here in Southeast Alaska and they keep my feet warm in the winter, cool in the summer and, if I keep the leather treated, dry all day. I have worn them sheep, caribou and moose hunting and they have always worked well. Get the airbob soles. Jim


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              Another Option

              Schnee's were the bomb back in the day when the Schnee family owned the company. Unfortunately they lost one of their main ties to the hunting community when they were bought out...long story. Check these guys out. They're made by the guy that used to be the design engineer for Schnee's.



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                lowa sheep hunter boots reply

                I have a pair and really like them. I got mine from Barney's on Northern Lights in Anchorage. He has the 8 inch (called Tibets) and the 10 (Sheep Hunters) you are asking about. Be advised these are a stiff-soled mountain boot and not a trail runner. I still find them very comfortable. They are insulated, so you may find them a little warm for early hunts. I usually wear a size 10.5, but found the Lowas fit better in an 11 for me. For the last several years I had the 10 inch Cabelas Mountain Hunters and loved them. Last summer I decided I needed to replace them. Instead of just ordering another pair, I tried a pair of La Sportiva Lhotses, a pair of La Sportiva Trango Evo Gtx, the Koflack degrees, and Asolo TPS 520. (Ebay helped to ease some of the hurt.) I ended up just wearing my old Cabelas on my sheep, goat, caribou, and deer hunts. The moral is try them on first, even if they say they are your size. Focus on fit. If you don't really like them when you try them on, keep looking. I kept thinking I could make one of the other pair of boots fit with differnt insoles or socks or lacing techniques. It doesn't work. I tried on the Lowas, and really liked them. Last week another guy on this site and I hiked a total of 29.1 miles with packs (22 of it on tundra) south of Deadhorse. The boots were very comfortable and supportive on the ankle twisting tussucks. They only times my feet got wet is when I stepped in water over the top of the boot. Like any boot, an after-market footbed can make a big differnce. I had the Spenco Hikers in the boots. (In regards to sizing, I have a narrow foot.) Good luck.


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                  Any suggestions on a good womens hiking boot in wide sizes? I have looked & tried on MANY with no luck of fitting or even close with out being too long. Any info would be great...


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                    FISHGIRL, go to REI and see if they might have something that you like. I bought my first pair of LOwa's from them and they were the best hiking boots I have ever owned. From the time i put them on at the store to now they fit like a glove and I never got any blisters. They have a very good selection of boots there and the price's are usually pretty reasonable too. Join the co-op if you haven't already, it's well worth the $15.


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