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  • Sirius satellite radio

    Does anyone have a sirius satellite radio in the Anchorage area. I am wondering how the reception is.

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    Doesn't work up here.

    If it is the same as XM radio, the satellite coverage doesn't cover Alaska. The new vehicles up here (at the dealership) usually have the XM option taken off before delivery.

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      Sirus right now are going to try to go through Canada so we can have it up here. Canada last year agreed to have Sirus, so lets keep are fingers crossed we can tap into it.
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        XM is different than Sirius. And you don't have to listen too that fool Howard Stern on XM.


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          Sirius radio

          When I bought my truck in April, I had to drive it back from Idaho. I had the Sirius for my trip back. It worked great in ID., WA., and Canada. When I hit the AK border, it died and has been dead since. I called Sirius and asked them what's up, they said that there is NO Sirius service in Alaska nor do they plan to have it anytime soon. They said there's not enough people and with the mountains ranges and land mass, it wouldn't be cost effective to install a bunch of repeaters, etc..., etc... If I were you, I'd get something else!!! My .02


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            XM works well on the North Slope. nothing in Anchorage. poor on the peninsula.


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              Both Xm and Sirius work down here in Sitka. I used an XM radio in Bristol Bay and it worked great there. I know several people in Cordova that have them, but none that I've used were mobile, just the home setup.


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