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    It's looking like I'll get me a smoker. I've seen some in Safeway, I think they're electric, but I haven't looked around extensively for what's on the market. Can I get some ideas from you guys about good ways to, or equipment to smoke salmon with (and rough estimates of prices)? This site beats the yellow pages anyways.
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    A good one...

    I've got one from this guy: , bought from Cabela's (I don't think they carry them any longer) over 15 years ago. Can't say anything bad about it it's been a good, solid smoker and has smoked one heck of a lot of fish.

    It has variable temperature control, a good feature, and stack with a damper, another good feature.


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      I recommend the Luhr Jensen Big Chief Electric Smoker. It has five racks and can handle up to 50 pounds of meat at a time.

      I prefer the front load model with individual racks, but a top load model that has the racks welded together is available as well. Seems like it would be difficult to handle that type at full capacity.

      Last week, the Wal-Mart on C Street in Anchorage had the Big Chief priced at $64.99. I paid $70 several months ago at the same place.


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        make a smoker cheaply

        If you are interested in making one.... I built a smoker fairly easily; it's your basic box with a door for the shelves and a door below that for the hot plates. I use two, single-burner hot plates and smoke five regular oven racks of fish at a time. Get the racks from the dump for free. I put blue foam around the outside of the house, too, but don't know if it is necessary. If interested in details, email me. I used to use a Lil Chef, or Lil Chief and it worked just fine, but you can't smoke much with it. Good luck. j


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          There are many methods that cost you almost nothing. My favorite is the old refrigerator type smoker. Take the guts out of an old refrigerator, I mean the plastic, rubber gasket around the door or anything that will burn. Ad the refer racks back inside and on the ground outside ad a small wood stove cut a hole at the bottom side of the refer for the stovepipe and a few smaller holes at the top for a vent. I also like a water pan at the bottom just in front of the smoke inlet inside the refer. The smoke will turn the water to steam, you can add things to the water like garlic and apple or orange peices, musturd seed, any spice you like. Be sure and put a small metal flapper type door near the water pan so you can refill it as needed without opening the big main door and losing all the heat and smoke.
          A word of caution make sure to run your new smoker for 6 or 8 hrs before you add any meat to be cooked it will help with any paint or just old refer smell that might linger.
          Another big word of caution find a way to lock that refer box so any kids dont lock themselves or get trapped inside.
          All these items can be found at the local landfill for little or no cost, and it works great.



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            Big Chief

            I second the big chief. I had a big chief and a little chief and both worked incredible. I also bought a electric smoker /grill. I forget the name but it is round and red. Anyway it sucks.. burns to hot. It uses the big block wood instead of the chips which I prefer.


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              Bradley Smoker. Thermostically controlled heat and automatic feed for smoker chips. Set it and go to work.


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                I have the 20/30lb(?) smoker made by the Sausage Maker (similar to the one Marcus has). it's features include-adj. temp, damper and is insulated which helps extend my smoking season. It's a very good smoker and has been trouble free from the get-go! The 100lb model would be nice, as a typical load for my smoker is four to five sockeye in pieces or up to 12-14 whole fillets, I could stuff more in but I try not to overload the smoker.

                I puchased it from the fine folks at Alaska Butcher Supply (toy store for eaters of game and fish out in Mt. View.


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                  Big Chief, the wife has 2 of these and is completely happy with them. She really enjoys smoking salmon. She decided some time ago that wrapping them in wool blankets helps get the temperature more where she wants it. Those blankets sure smell like smoke.


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                    I second the Bradley. Only used ours a couple of times but it works great & is very sdjustable temp & damper wise. Also makes the best ribs & chicken I've ever tasted.
                    Vance in AK.

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                      Another Bradley Vote

                      Yes the Bradley is a fine smoker. I have had mine for 5 years and sits on the porch next to the Grill.
                      We used to bake Roasts, Chicken, fish in the oven before we got the Bradley. Now everything goes into the smoker.Some times I don't even smoke with it just slow cook at low temp for hours.
                      Did a Prime Rib roast at last years Xmas came out perfect.It's just so simple to smoke as all you do is add the wood disc's and check every few hours.
                      I used to have an old refer for a smoker and except for the size this Bradley smokes it......No pun intended
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