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  • Badlands 4500 Pack

    Recently bought a Badlands backpack, and I was wondering whether anyone has experience with strapping their rifle on this particular pack? I am probably just an idiot, but I can't seem to find the best way to secure my rifle with those straps on the side. Do you use those or have you found something better?

    I did a search on the old forum and noticed that many folks recommend the Kifaru carry system for internal frame packs, which I tried but didn't like.

    Thanks in advance for your replies as well all the information I have obtained over the last several years from this great resource.

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    I came pretty close to buying on of these but ended up going with an Osprey internal frame pack. Check them out, they have a pocket in the middle of the pack where you can keep your rifle and it's suppose to be very easy to get too.


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