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Anyone use a small 2 stroke generator to plug in your truck?

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  • Anyone use a small 2 stroke generator to plug in your truck?

    Just wondering if anyone has try'd to use a small 2 stroke gen to plug in the block heater of your diesel when it is below zero? or will they not start in cold weather? my concern is getting my diesel to start if I'm out hunting and the temps get down below 20? The coldest I have started my 94 F250 Diesel IDI is -4.

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    Hydronic heater for your truck. Planar specifically Binar 5s ;-)

    However I have ran those 2 stroke genny's before and they work well.
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      Little generator works great to warm up a truck.


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        Thanks, I'll keep a lookout for one.


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          Something else to consider, have a good tarp and maybe a small space heater that you can plug into the generator if you still have trouble starting it. With the space heater and tarp, you can warm up the entire engine bay instead of just a couple select parts. Some people have even used a cook stove rather than a space heater, but you have to be careful to set it up so you don't burn the truck down igniting oil or other fluids that might be on the underside of the engine compartment or dripping down as things thaw.


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            I was told, by a co-worker, to take a can of charcoal bricks to light and set under the engine, if it gets too cold. I do have that, but would like to be able to use the block heater if possible.


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