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  • Bombshelter clone tents

    I saw this on CL today:

    and tried to do a little research online as to who made them. There's nothing online based on the "Alaskan Outfitter Series" label. Seller gave me some info and I searched the model number and came up with some web page that does imports from China. A search on the customer service phone number brings up 6th Ave Outfitters. I conclude that this tent was manufactured to spec for them.

    Anyone out there have any experience with this tent?

    My googling also led me to a Browning tent that I had not heard of before now:

    This is a Sportsmans Warehouse exclusive. I'm curious if anyone has experience with this tent as well.

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    That is a copy of the original Eureka Bombshelter tent. They make them now for Cabelas, which is what I believe is in the ad or very close to it, like the tundra extreme. Probably exact same tent- may be different material thickness would be all. Cabellas had them for 650 when they opened, originally 1000 dollar tent. Also I have the original eureka tent, stands up in a hurricane and has lots of room for two cots and lots of vestibule storage, it does take up a lot of room and because it is so tall it doesn't hold heat well, but other than that it's the BOMB...shelter.


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      Think 6th ave outfitters had the outfitters tent, had one awhile back, seemed to have a lot of condisation in it, have the Browning Glacier Extreme and really like this one


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