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Aftermarket Stove Pipe Jack in Double-wall Tent (Cabela's M1)

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  • Aftermarket Stove Pipe Jack in Double-wall Tent (Cabela's M1)

    I have a Cabela's M1 Outfitter Tent made by Eureka, and I'm weighing the merits of adding a stove jack to this tent. I have a few questions about it:

    1) Is putting pipe through both the tent wall and the rain-fly feasible/reasonable?

    2) If so, how does this setup hold up in strong wind conditions?

    3) How does a jack remain rain-proof?

    4) Should the pipe always go straight up or can it go through the side wall(s) of the tent?

    5) If I use the tent without a stove, will a professionally-made jack have a means of being sealed off such that the hole is weatherproof?

    I'm thinking about either running a Nu-Way propane stove or a titanium wood stove. I understand the concern regarding fire rating of fabric. I'm sure propane is the safer for option.

    Any information you can offer would be sincerely appreciated.

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