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  • Hitchmaster "rope-a-long" rope

    I just received a hitchmaster "rope-a-long" from my girlfriend's dad. Hey, if it's free, it's for me; I'll try it out. I know at least a few folks here have them and have used them, because I found some REALLY old threads about them. What I didn't find was what kind of rope to use with a hitchmaster.

    So, for those of you who have them, what diameter, what type, and what working load rating of rope do you guys use with your rope-a-long? And how much rope do you generally carry? (I'm looking at carrying this on a canoe hunt where I would use to drag a canoe over a portage or log, drag or lift a moose, etc., but I would also carry it in a 4 wheeler-maybe-the 4 wheeler already has a winch so maybe not.)

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    Alaska Rubber has a dyneema rope that is 3/16" I believe, It is lighter than water and just as strong as steel, it might work well for you its pretty impressive stuff.


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