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    I need some opinions on a good light backpacking stove. I know this was discussed in the past on the old forum but I didn't need a stove then so of course I didn't pay attention to it! I have heard of problems with the propane/butane stoves in cold weather, has anyone experienced this? I would like to have an adjustable flame but is not an absolute requirement. Does anyone use the homemade alcohol stoves? Thanks

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    I'm partial to white gas, good heat and works when cold. There are alot of stoves out there. I'm using a SVEA 123 that was my dads. I keep thinking about upgrading to a newer one, but the thing just keeps working. The only downside is you don't have a pump to prime it, but that's also an upside as there are less parts to fail.

    I've used MSR stoves, and they work well.

    The real question is, how light do you want it, and how much do you want to spend?
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      I've been happy with a pair of MSR 'Dragonflys' I own and also a "Whisperlite'. The Dragonfly has a better flame adjustment. Lifetime warranty. It's gotta be pretty **** cold for them not to work, 0 degrees is no problem.


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        I also have a dragonfly and I cant complain one bit.


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          I had a SVEA stove in the 70's. It was great. Had it's own tank with a built in pump I think. It was a cool stove.

          I now have an MSR XGK Expedition. Works great. I prefer the white gas also. I had a coleman exponent that burned butane/propane mixure and it was handy. Quick and easy but butane/propane mixture does not burn equally so when you get to the last third of a can it's not as hot.
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            What are you going to be doing with it? I've got a couple of stoves, but my latest is a Jetboil. When I'm sheep hunting, all the food I bring can be cooked with boiling water (or a campfire, if I'm lucky enough to be successful). If water is all you need, it seems like the Jetboil is the way to go. Lightweight, compact, and very efficient. Otherwise, the above suggestions are good.



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              Check this one out

              I have a homemade one like it.

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                I have one of these that I use from time to time. Outside use only.



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                  MSR Dragonfly

                  I use the Dragon fly with MSR cookset and love it. I camped up North caribou hunting in October (-5 deg) and it worked great. Was worried about fuel when my buddies Coleman Powermax (don't recommend) froze and wouldn't work. I had calculated fuel usage for boiling water and melting snow, but only for myself plus a little spare. Shortened the trip by a day and had enough fuel for 3 of us.

                  Easy to clean in the field if the jet gets plugged, plus you can burn diesel/kerosene thorugh it if you swap the jet.

                  Spent a total 40 days in a tent last year and used it fishing, moose hunting (in the rain) and caribou hunting (in the snow) and sheep hunting (high altitude). Never let me down!



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                    MSR Dragonfly mine has been around the world with me and never not worked when I needed it. And has burned diesel most of its life, only because thats all that was availible.


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                      Jet Boil

                      I received a Jet Boil for Christmas to use on this falls sheep and moose hunts. Haven't had a chance to use it yet but when I do I'll post back here to let you all know how it worked. It's is suppose to be a very efficient stove and works well in cold weather and if just boiling water you are suppose to get about 24 burns with it. We shall see soon enough.


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                        Check out M S R stoves

                        I have a M S R whisperlite international. It will burn white gas, kerosene, regular gas, diesel, and jet fuel. Hard to go wrong with that. It includes a different jet that is easily swithched out if you burn kerosene or diesel. Super high quality stuff. Also got the expedition repair kit. Any thing on the stove that could break is included with clear instructions. I broke the stove down and put it back together to familiarize myself with it. This is one well designed stove. I also have a M S R Pocket rocket. Uses iso butane canisters. Very convenient and packs anywhere. I would check on the use of this fuel in cold environments though. I have heard great things about the Dragon Fly stove also. A buddy of mine had one in Iraq and swears by it. I suspect they are great stoves as well. You just cant go wrong with M S R.
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