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Impertech pants or bibs??

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  • Impertech pants or bibs??

    I am still uncertain as to which I am going to order myself and I thought this topic might help out some others in deciding which to go with.

    My observations:
    I would think bibs would be better for fishing.
    Bibs may be too much and get too hot for hunting.
    Pants have zippers at the bottom, which would be nice for getting on and off with boots, but may not be waterproof if want to tape and cross a stream.
    Pants are reinforced on seat and knees, but I don't believe the bibs are...can anyone verify?

    What do you guys prefer and why? Thanks for the help!

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    It's almost as if you are looking at my supply list. First it was the knife that I needed, now you are looking at ordering the H/H raingear I was planning to buy later this year!

    I had a set once before and loved them. I owned the bibs last time, but this time would probably go with the pants. You hit the nail on the head about the bibs and fishing, they work great. I do believe the pants would be better for hunting though. If you're able to get sets for between $100 -$110 with shipping then you can count me in. I just priced a set up here in Fairbanks and it was about $140. I'll keep an eye out for the order if you're able to make this happen.

    Thanks again for your efforts.


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      My Thoughts

      I currently have the BIbs. I have hunted many miles in these and never have gotten too hot or sweated up. After a big rain the terrain is still very wet, I wear just the Bibs with no jacket when I start spotting, the extra length will keep u very dry. Overall I have been on those 10 straight days of hunting and when everyone elses rain gear has failed the HH pulled through. I have field tested the Bibs throughly thumbs up. (boots are easy to get on) my 2 cents..hope this helps


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