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  • Re-Waterproofing

    Does anyone have any experience re-waterproofing a tent rainfly after it has gone bad. I have a tent that was not dried properly before storing and had a little fungus that destroyed the waterproofing. Its since been cleaned, any chance it can be restored?


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    You could try spraying the outside with one of the "waterproofing" sprays like scotchguard, but I've never found them to be truly waterproof.

    If you really want waterproof, you'd have to take some silicon caulking, thin it, and apply a thin even coat, squegee would be best. Then you'd have to find a place to let it dry w/o wrinkling and getting stuck together.

    It would be up there in my list of things that just isn't worth the effort.
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      My buddy did his tent fly with something called Camp Dry I think it was. Last fall it was beading up the water and we stayed dry.
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        B&J Commercial in Anchorage used to sell the urethane coating for waterproofing tents and other fabrics. It is not cheap as I remember.


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