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Apls Mountaineering Tents?

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  • Apls Mountaineering Tents?

    Anyone tried Alps Mountaineering tents? I am particularly looking at the Chaos, Extreme and Hybrid 2 and 3 man tents.
    Really looking for something cost effective, but capable to get my 9 year-old out in the hills with me this year.
    These seem to get great reviews and for the price (less than $200) the look interesting.
    Designs are very similar to higher end (MSR, TNF, Big A) etc. Weight is reasonble and all are free-standing which I want (but don't want a $500 price tag).


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    I bought a Zephyr 3 a few years ago. I really like mine. It isn't the world's greatest tent, but it is a heck of a tent for what I paid. No leaks, no tears, no problems at all. I've taken it on three caribou hunts for a total of about twelve nights. I recently bought a Lynx 4, but only had it set up in my living room so far. I'm pretty sure I'll be happy with that one as well.


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      Thanks. I have yet to hear a bad thing about these tents, so I think I will get one in next couple of weeks. Give it a good test in summer, ready for Fall hunting season.

      Here's link I forgot to post in OP.


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        nbh40, keep your eye on steep and cheap. They are always selling Alps tents for 50-70% off. I have been tempted to buy one a couple of times. I wound up buying a Big Agnes from them.


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          Hayduke is right about . I just ordered another Zephyr 3 from them for $90, plus $21 for shipping. I have a friend coming up for a visit in August, and now he can have his own tent to use.


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            TY, never herad of SAC, now I am registered and waiting.


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              OK, now I am hooked on SAC!! Seen a couple of Alps 2 mans go by for $100, just holding out for a 3 man for that extra bit of room. A lot of other stuff that has me tempted - darn marketing, that SAC is good!!


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                Welcome to the addiction. Some of the stuff is crap but you can get some smoking deals. If you can't wait check out, same company as SAC but not as steep of discounts.


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