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    Anybody checked this new product out? It sure would solve the issue of packing fuel in the backcountry. Looks like a product with some good potential. I know sheep hunters are always looking for ways to cut weight!

    What do you guys think?

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    Thanks for the find...looks very neat.

    Seems like a lightweight version of "The Volcano Kettles"- popular in the UK and Europe. I've used one of those and they're flat cool- with dry spruce twigs it will beat the pants off my Jetboil @ 5 degrees.

    I've been using a folding wood powered stove called the "Little Bug" for my XC ski trips in wooded country with excellent results.

    I kinda wonder how much fuel you could find in the alpine- alder is pretty poor burning stuff.
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      Looks like my Kelly Kettle, but smaller. Very cool.
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        its definately cool but i could see some issues with it. i like going out when it really cold and most of the tundra is covered in snow pretty hard to find anything that will burn worth a crap. it also weighs as much as a pocket rocket + fuel with about 1/10 the burn time. its a neat idea but ehhhhh.... i think ill stick with the msr. as far as sheep country im not sure how many trees are usually around but lichens, rocks, and grass might not be the longest burning fuel.


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