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Big Rays Kavik Parka?

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  • Big Rays Kavik Parka?

    Any experience with this parka? Whilst (living in Los Anchorage) my need is more perceived than real, I'm in need of a new full-on winter parka for true cold weather (-30 or worse). Again, I'd likely decide that an adult beverage around a fire beats going out in it, but I can't bring myself to spend $1000 on a Canada Goose parka for the few times I might actually need a real parka.

    Any insights would be appreciated. FWIW, the size offerings in the Kavik line are right up my alley (_XL).

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    Try Wiggy's parka. I have been down to -40 in Fairbanks and was plenty comfortable. Warmest they sell is only $400.


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      Thanks for the suggestion....Wiggy's had slipped my mind.


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        I had the predecessor to the Kavik and it was fine for winter in Fairbanks and a day of running dogs at -20, although the quality was sketchy and the zipper blew out. For a price point between the Kavik and Canada Goose you might want to check out Apocalypse Design in Fairbanks for good, reliable cold weather gear. The Expedition parka is really too warm for normal use, even at -30 (and is insanely bulky), but the Alpine or Alpine Lite parkas should hit the spot.
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          Thanks for the comments and suggestions folks


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