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Barney's Brooks Range Jacket

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  • Barney's Brooks Range Jacket

    I have been seeing this jacket either in the store, or on a few guys that i have come across in the field for a long time now. Was thinking about trying one on next time i'm in there.

    Anyone have this piece or maybe their Super Cub jacket? If so, how does it compare to say the Sitka Kelvin? More bulky? less bulky? Is it easy to throw a rain shell over the top of it when needed? It looks like it could tear easy. Is that the case?

    Any info is appreciated.

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    Yes. I have the B.R.J. for many years now. Mine is one of a limited run that is not Pertex on the outside, it does have pertex on the inside. The outside is Goretex and woodland camo. The Goretex does make the jacket heavier and less compressible, but it is camo and I don't have to worry about tearing the much thinner Pertex. The Pertex is highly water resistant. Good high tech material, just very thin. Not what you want to wear while moving in the alders. Great for glassing while sitting up high and for riding in boats.

    At any rate, I have taken this coat on at least 3 Sheep and 1 Goat hunts and several other hunts. I pack it in a compression sack, to save space and to keep it dry. It has kept to warm and comfortable in the windiest and coldest conditions. I did buy the optional hood, to me it should come with it. When it is really nasty out, you will want the hood. The zippers are of high quality as is the rest of the coat as made by Integral Designs from Canada.

    I don't know anyting about the Stika Kelvin.
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