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    I'm thinking about getting some Sitka Gear hunting clothing for next year. Most likely I'd be using it for sheep and or goat hunts. What models are you guys using, any feedback, recommendations, etc???

    I was looking at some of their stuff and noticed the pants with built in knee pads. That's something I like. Saving my knees without having a tight wrap around my knee, especially something around the back of my knee.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I know this isn't what you asked, but I'd take a serious look at KUIU gear before you buy anything from Sitka. In my experience and in what I've read the KUIU gear is at least as durable (and comfortable) as Sitka gear and it costs less because they only sell direct to consumers.


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      Sitka Gear Clothing

      Check out the following first. More options out there than Sitka.
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        Good suggestions guys. I checked out the KUIU stuff, and it looks like the pricing is pretty similar. I'll have to dig into it a little deeper to make sure. Checked out the Kryptek stuff too based on the link provided. Their stuff looks a little cheaper, but it's hard to tell on the quality of the stuff over the web.

        Anyone know if their stuff is sold locally? I see they are located in Fairbanks, but I can't see where they list distributors other than Cabela's.


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          If you are willing to take your time, watch on a regular basis as they sell Sitka Gear and Core 4 Element gear for 40-65% off retail. They just don't sell it every day. C4E seems to be made at the same place as Sitka and I love all the ones I have gotten so far.
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            They are based out of Fairbanks but don't have a store front I was faced with the same problem but was able to look at their gear in person it is what I am going to be going with.

            The reason for their not having a store in AK is due to their contract with Cabelas which granted cabelas exclusive rights to carry their gear. That contract should expire this year I believe. They are hoping Sportsmans picks them up.


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              Sitka Gear, Kuiu

              Terrific products from both companies, Sitka and Kuiu. I remember in Sitka Gearís original product info, 2005 or so, the website talked about the concept of performance-driven hunting clothing similar to high-end backpacking/mountaineering products. The founders, Jonathan Hart and Jason Hairston were mountain hunting partners. Founding SG was their initial attempt to put the best outdoors materials into the mountain hunting performance demands they had experienced together. When they split, it seems to have been over the best business model to meet their customersí needs.

              SG and Kuiu still have performance-driven, mountain hunters in mind and so have similar performance parameters in their product designs, but SG is the big inventory marketer wedded to Gore ( and Kuiu is a small inventory product line choosing fabrics/materials from various suppliers. Understanding the big supplier vs small supplier concept helps me understand why SG is easier to find in a local shop and can better respond to a consumer complaint (replace a faulty item for you right away) than Kuiu, which uses a direct-marketing, low-inventory business model.

              Barney's Sports Chalet carries Sitka. The guys there, especially owner, Bob Hodson, can comment about which Sitka Gear items work best for various field situations. IMO both SG & K produce excellent, lightweight gear. Mr Hodson, who spends part of his winter at trade shows, I believe talks with Hart & Hairston regularly.
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                I've been using SG's Rain/Wind gear for about two years now and it has worked as advertised used it from moose hunting in Nome, interior Rabbit/Ptarmigan hunting, even subsistence hunting for Seal on the open ocean all over the South West Peninsula. I would highly recommend it but I'm also going to try out some Kryptek gear this winter some time (gotta support local companies and all) I'm really digging the "YETI". I think SG's only down fall is price all most 1K for my top and bottom that's why I call it my GucciFlage lol.


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                  Oakman - don't know if you are still in the market for some camo but I'll chip in my .02. I bought the sitka downpour series in early 2011 since the camo was more greenish (matches perfectly with southeast AK foliage) and the price was not as steep as the stormfront stuff which was a bit out of my price range. Every hike or hunt that I went on I stayed warm and dry - spring bear, alpine deer, goat scouting, nov. deer hunts, trapping in the winter etc. (this past year not one hunt outing was in dry weather ) They have been quite durable as well, after the first few hunts I was confident enough with them to crash through the brush without worrying about puncture or ripping. They have been great.

                  My dad was jealous of my fancy duds and commandeered them for his own use while I was on vacation. Lucky for me he got me some Kuiu Chugach pants for christmas - they are very nice (more lightweight) and while I have not had the opportunity to bust brush with them yet I've stayed very dry on sleety winter hikes. The breathability is impressive - I think slightly better than the downpour of S.G. However - they are significantly louder/noisy when the fabric rubs together.

                  Hard to go wrong with either I think, great stuff.


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