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Denali National Park Visit, timing, costs, access?

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  • Denali National Park Visit, timing, costs, access?

    I went up to Denali last summer just for the day from Wasilla (long day). My question is when you get to the park the rd. that goes in like 12 miles to the gate can you go past that with a personal vehicle ever? Without going past that is the wildlife viewing descent? Best time of year? I saw one bull caribou on my trip last summer. I'm more than willing to hike a couple miles. What about the bears? Can I carry my .44 pistol in the park? What are the costs? Really looking forward to getting out with my camera this spring! Finally when do you think would be a good time to go up? May too early? Really appreciate the help my family really ready to get out after this winter!

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    Denali Nat Park info...

    The website is actually a good one. You're still in what they call spring shoulder season. This is a good starting place for answers about driving in the part now, but it sounds like you'll need to contact them if you want to drive in the park soon:

    Here's a link with details about the road:

    If you plan to camp in the park during spring shoulder season, be sure to ask specifically about doing so by phone before you go. If you plan to camp in the park during the regular season, you'll want to book reservations early.

    More on campgrounds:

    I'd call em and chat - ask any questions you have. We've found them very helpful in the past.

    Good luck.
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      6x is doing my job! And doing it well.

      The main Denali info number is 683-2294.

      Firearms information, whether regarding hunting or simply carrying, can be found here:

      The links 6x gave are good. Here's another specific to spring/fall visits:

      Fee info for the season is here:



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        I am planning to spend 2 days in Denali national park at the end of my Alaska journey in (late) August. No backcountry hiking, just have a look, relax, perhaps do one or two day hikes, but staying at the campgrounds near the park road (probably Savage and/or Teklanika river CG) with the tent (no car). Now I really read a lot about the park, the buses and the campgrounds, but there are still a few things I didn't really get (not even from the nps-website or the "Alpenglow", but perhaps I'm just blind..):
        1. If I want to take a bus into the park, get off somewhere and get on another bus later, and ride part of it back again with another bus, this will cost me $ 31,50 and I should make a reservation for the first bus, right? Is the 31,50 for one day or longer? What if there are altogether 3 calender days (from Thursday afternoon to Saturday noon or so), let's say first day one ride in, second day getting around, third day one ride out - is that 3 times 31,50?
        2. At the Tek River CG, campers with vehicles must stay at least 3 nights (probably in order not to have too much trafic on the last public part of the park road?), but as a tent camper without car I can just stay there for one night, right? And do I have to make a reservation for those nights in advance, for the end of August?

        Thanks in advance for any clarification.


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          Don't show up without a reservation if you plan on staying in the RV campground. Stayed there a couple of years ago for 3 nites and decided to stay another day [wed] and no go, it was booked up. Campground is very nice but steril. Picked clean of firewood and lots of $$$ at the camp store. Plan ahead.


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