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Know where I can learn wilderness bushcraft?

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  • Know where I can learn wilderness bushcraft?

    I'm relocating to Juneau, and am pretty excited about the prospect of getting out onto the trails, hiking, camping and learning the art of Bushcraft. ie Creating your own shelters, fires, surviving in the wild with little equipment.

    Anybody know any weekend escapes or classes for this kind of thing in the Juneau area?

    I would like to start planning ahead a little bit if possible.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I dont know of any classes there. But my favorite forum for bushcraft is I think there is a guy or two from the southeast on there. One good book to get that has alot of good northern info is Bushcraft by Mors Kochanski. There are also some good books out there about the wild edibles in Alaska.

    Hope that helps


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      Surplus army training manual

      I know Im a little late with this post but I thought I might add that a surplus army training manual or boy scout manual is a very good place to start depending on what you might already know they are readily available and you can upgrade later.


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        Hang with loggers.

        Get a good firearm and become proficient with it.


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