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    Hi all,

    Not sure if this is the right place to post so Mods please feel free to put it in the appropriate place

    We're hoping to fly across for a two week vacation in July, either flying into Fairbanks or Anchorage btu are hoping while we're there to drive up the Dalton and maybe into Denali.

    Thwe problem we're having is we can only find one or two companies that will hire out a vehicle tehy will lett us take "off Tarmac" - the others usual;ly specify denali and dalton as roads they won't let us drive on.

    Does anyone happen to know of any companies it might be worth me speaking to?

    Many thanks,


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    In July the most common access to Denali ( I assume when you say drive into Denail; you mean Denali National Park and not Denali Highway; they are different); would be by bus. Basically, most rental companies will not let you drive on unpaved roads. If you are camping in Denali National Park at one of the campgrounds then yes you can take a private vehicle into the campground; but at that point you must park your car. However; you can take a shuttle bus to the campground and the only way to tour the park is by shuttle; (in general) no cars allowed on the Denali park road unless you are driving to the campground; otherwise you need to take the park shuttle. It is hard to explain until you have experienced it. If I rented a car I would feel ok about taking it into Denali National park to the campground; however; I would advise anyone not to take it on the Dalton if the rental agreement said not to; that would be pretty risky particularly if you are not use to driving on unimproved roads.

    I have heard of this place in Fairbanks called Airport Rentals that rent cars/trucks that are ok to take on the Dalton. May want to check them out. Not sure about Anchorage.


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      This link was posted on another thread regarding the same topic...


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        Thanks for the link, just had a look and the problem I have straight away is I'll only be 28 then and the minimum age for them is 30

        I think it's the denali Highway we're looking to have a look at too (I'll be honest, SWMBO is doing most of the organising/planning).

        Have a funny feeling we're gonna struggle a bit on this one....


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          You can also call these folks in Anchorage. Many years ago I rented a work truck from them that was going to be going off road and they had no issues as long as the check cleared and we agreed to deal with all maintenance and repairs on our own.

          They may not have the same owner and management as they had 15 years ago.


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            Thanks for that - email sent to them so hopefully they can help out


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              Midnite sun Anchorage..


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                Originally posted by slimm View Post
                I love midnight sun Anchorage. Thanks for the rent.


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                  I was in your in shoes one time......

                  .......and I said screw it. Crossed my fingers and drove the stupid rental down the Denail Hghway and down to McCarthy. I got lucky and had no issues. Good luck! Oh yeah and I drove down Hatchers Pass which was okay with car company and I thought Hatchers Pass road was the worst of the three.
                  “There's a humorous side to every situation. The challenge is to find it.”
                  George Carlin


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                    Originally posted by tiresmokindad View Post
                    I love midnight sun Anchorage. Thanks for the rent.
                    Yep they are pretty cool folks there.. Plus some of them wrecks they rent out are so beat up i doubt that they would notice if you rolled it.. But i have rented from them at least 9 times and never had a problem with there rigs..


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