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    Ive searched online and I cannot find anything that is suitable. Id like to find a spectacle case that will hold up to being set on, or stepped on. I wear spectacles... But I take them off sometimes for various reasons, and I want to keep them in a case that will hold up to some rougher treatment. I have a clamshell case that is hard sided, but it, and all the previous ones didnt last long. And the semi hard ones wont protect against crushing, and are too large, being made mostly for sunglasses.

    About the only thing i've thought of, is to find a small drybox meant for a cell phone, and make do with that. But ive not been able to find one with the appropriate dimensions. If I went that route, I want the box to fit in my back pocket, So it would stay out of the way and keep my hands free.

    Anyone have suggestions or ideas?



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      I aint seen one of those... Thanks.


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