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  • Barebones (brand) Wall Tent??

    I grew up spending my summers in wall tents. When I think of summer, I think of the smell of cured CanVak. Needs less to say, wall tents are heavy, cumbersome, NOT waterproof, tough to secure, lots of bugs, no floor, etc.

    I have been looking for a solid solution for taking my family four-wheeler camping. I wanted it lightweight, breathable, ability to shed snow, have a floor, have a stove, and plenty of room. I stumbled across this, and at first glance, it seems impressive! I'm surprised I haven't seen these in Alaska before.

    Any thoughts?

    Let me know your thoughts!!

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    Nice Charlie! Too rich for my budget though. I'll stick with my old canvas wall tent and cut the poles on site.


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      A 12' arctic oven with vestibule is a similar size as the tent you linked to, packs smaller , weighs significantly less, has been proven to be up to harsh conditions and snow and is made and sold by a local Alaskan company. I think cost would be similar as well.


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        I agree that the Arctic Oven would be a direct competitor, however there's something about the arctic ovens that are less homey and more expedition - if that makes sense.


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          I'm a bush teacher and I have desires to buy some land and build a cabin eventually. Before that can happen, I have thought about establishing a basecamp using a wall/canvas tent and spend the summer months working on the land. However, I am clueless. My canvas tent experience was military ones.


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