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  • Electric fence

    While watching Alaska related shows I have noticed that people use single strand electric fences to
    keep bear away from their tents. Does this really work?

    I grew up having horses. We used a single wire fence with our horses. Sometimes the more aggressive
    horses might just put their head down and ram their way under and through the fence. I had a malamute
    husky mix years ago and he would just go through the fence. His fur would rub right on the wire and it
    didn't seem to bother him at all. The fence was pretty powerful.

    So how do the little battery or solar powered electric fences keep big old grizzly bears out? Just curious.

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    Dunno if a single strand is sufficient. but this video shows pretty well a fence can be.


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      The primary needs for an electric fence are that it has sufficient charge and is sufficiently visible. If it is not highly visible, a bear that is focused on something inside the fence can end up through the fence without investigating it. It is the investigation that makes the fence work. A single strand fence is less visible than a similarly constructed 3 strand fence, but a fence with a highly visible yellow or white poly line will likely be more visible with only one strand than a 3 strand fence with less visible wire.
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        The bear fences from Eagle Enterprise comes with orange flag tape to tie onto the upper wire between the poles, that should draw the bear to it for a sniff then POW, 9500 volts right in the schnooze
        The strand is orange with the wire woven through it. And it only uses 2 AA batteries (last for 70 hours or so)
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