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  • Camping at Klutina Lake

    I haven't driven all the way to Klutina Lake for a few more decades than I care to admit, but more recently I did go about 15 miles in, to where the state has added a parking area to their right-of-way. We launched a few rafts and had a great time playing for the day. I'm wondering what the end of the trail area looks like for camping potential. Most of the land is owned by AHTNA which allows camping for $10 a day (last I looked anyway), and I don't mind paying the fee if there is sufficient tent-able areas, etc. But are there usually enough spaces for 4-6 tents in early July? Any improvements around there? Pit toilets perhaps?

    Also, how many other camping/fishing groups are there likely to be in early July? Will the kings/reds be running then?

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